My Weight Loss Journey

I have struggled with my weight most of my life.  Always the chunky girl growing up, I dreamed of looking like the girl I felt I was inside.  It wasn't just about over-eating, it has a lot to do with genetics and exercising, and just having the courage to change myself.

I was 220 pounds when I married my soul mate in 2004:

I gained 65 pounds with my first pregnancy:

And just couldn't get it off!  Especially after number 2:

I got depressed and gained some more:

In 2009 I was almost 300 pounds:

Then in the summer of 2009, my husband enlisted in the Army, shipped off to Basic Training, and changed our lives forever!  I was determined to get it all off before he came home 9 months later!
I went from 286 pounds to 190!!  I started in size 24 and when Ben got off that plane the following year, I was a size 9-10.

Still not yet at my goal weight, (I want to ultimately be 155-165), I got pregnant last summer (June 2010) and my weight loss plans were put on hold.

Now that I had my baby, I have my baby weight to get off now plus some more to get my goal... but I am not giving up!!  You can join me on my journey every Friday, for my "Fat Butt Friday" Post.

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Update July 2011:  Started P90X with my husband, check my P90X page for updates on how it goes!

Update July 2012:  After I had my 3rd baby I had gained about 60 pounds of weight back... I was devastated!  Me at 245:

But now that I knew I had it in me, I was going to get it off again!!!  It took me almost a year and half to get like 20 pounds off.  My body really wanted to stay at 230.  But last April 2012, I decided to start running again and 10 pounds came off in the next months.
I still had my sights set on, not only getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 190, but to get the last 30-35 pounds off to get to my ultimate goal of 155-160.  I was NOT going to give up.  When my husband left for an 8 week training this summer, I really got geared up.  I lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks!!!
As I write this, I am currently 198 -- broke the big two-o-o!!  And I am steam rolling toward my goal!!  I will post updates as they come.

If you would like to follow along on my journey, you can always check in and even participate in my Fat Butt Fridays!
Update: July 2013:

Major milestones!!!

I ran in the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay!!!  For full story click here!!
I know... my hair is looking a little scary.... lol
And I got my boys to run their first 5K a couple weeks ago:  (Click here for story)
I still have about 30 pounds to lose to make my goal weight.  But I am going strong, building muscle and endurance and prepping for my first 1/2 Marathon at the end of Aug!