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Since my blog has received a couple Military Family Blog awards, and I have connected with lots of new people and been getting more involved in the Army life, I have had quite a few visitors from military peeps out there... and I couldn't be more thrilled!  Since my hubby enlisted a couple years ago, I have been looking for new friends to help me a long the journey.  I am pretty sure it takes a life time to really "get" the military way no matter how many books you study, people you talk to, or social events you attend... and Army Wives and JAG can only teach you so much.

My hubby is currently Army Reserves right now as he goes to school and attends ROTC.  After he graduates in a year and half we will hopefully be living on base/ post somewhere doing this full-time.  Ben always wanted to be an engineer until he joined up and now he has found his place in the world's greatest military doing exactly what he loves the most.  (Not to mention looking hot in his uniform).

Here are a few of our adventures so far:

Military Monday Posts!!  (Don't forget to look at the comments to get links to other helpful posts from other branches)  To learn more about it click here!

Our Story:
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General Army Life Posts:
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Basic Training Adventures:

AIT Adventures:

My Own Adventures on Bases:

Family Events:

ROTC Stuff:
While he was gone...:

Idiots in the Military (but we love them anyway):
Lacking Ambition or Just an Idiot

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to more pearls of wisdom from men and women who have been there, done that!  So, fellow military spouses and soldiers, feel free to leave me a link to your blog in a comment so we can pop by and read ya!

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