Thursday, December 1, 2016

Elf on the Shelf Nutshell Style!

If the Elf is not your cup of cocoa, then feel free to move on, no feelings hurt.  But if it IS, here are a few ideas my partner in crime hubby and I came up with last year.  Feel free to steal!

In which the Elf defaces the family pictures:

In Which the Elf Plays GO FISH with some friendly toys:

In which the Elf gets his comeuppance: 

 In which the Elf gets revenge the next day: 
(some of our best elf setups were easy peasy two-parters)

 In which the Elf calls in the Cavalry to save him from himself:

 In which the Elf takes a bath in marshmallows:

In which the Elf is Batman:
(We found these fun cutouts here!)

 In which the Elf steals everyone's Kindles and takes a million selfies:

In which the Elf takes the lookout in our kitchen chandelier: 

In which the Elf goes bananas for Minions:
(I totally stole this idea from here!)

And the crowning glory of our Elf on Shelf season:

In which the Elf delivers the Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve morning in true 101st Airborne Style!! 

If you use any of these or have some awesome ideas WE can steal from YOU this year, PLEASE post us some pictures on the 7 Nuts in the Nutshell Facebook Page!

Merry Christmas and Happy Elfing! 

PS Some other ideas we did but didn't get pictures of:

-We had the Elf hanging from a string looking totally cool in the middle of the school room...
-The next day we had him tangled up in the same string, like he was trying to get off but messed up.
-One morning we had him on the Christmas Tree and had covered the tree in candy canes and put a little note that said he felt the tree needed Sweetening Up!
-Once he got touched so we took two days doing this project.  (What happened when the elf lost his magic!!)

UPDATE!!!  This is how our Elf made his grand entrance this morning: (Got idea here!)

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