Thursday, October 27, 2016

In Which the Baby Wears a HUSH Hat

I feel so incredibly blessed to have 5 healthy and strong boys!  But I have to tell you, this little one is one cute pumpkin baby!  I can hardly stand keeping my hands and lips to myself every time I see this precious little face!

This little guy is the happiest baby I have ever had.  And I have to give it to him, it would be hard to be such a little man in a house full of crazy.  Being the youngest of 5 boys can't be easy... even at only 10 months old.

Boys are so LOUD!

It's a wonder little man can even nap.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I got an email asking me if I wanted to review a HUSH Hat.  A what?!  A HUSH hat!  A little hat with ear pads for little ears to help them have some quiet.  I LOVE this idea!!  And I jumped on the chance.

Two days latter, and I kid you not, they have super speedy delivery, I got my Hush Hat.

How stinking cute is he?

Did it work?


Sleep the whole way home from our trip to Nashville the next day.

We love our Hush Hat!

You can buy your own at their website or at Target Online! (Note: Cutest Baby in the world not included)


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