Thursday, May 19, 2016

The 3 Flat Brothers Project

Yesterday, I mentioned in my homeschooling update post, that we were going to do a Flat Stanley geography project based on the books by Jeff Brown.

If you have no idea how it works, it's like this:  Flat Stanley is this kid that gets smashed by a bulletin board and becomes flat.  So his family sends him all around the world in an envelope -- why CPS isn't involved is beyond me -- and he has many great adventures.

Many class rooms around the globe for many years have participated in the Flat Stanley project by sending out their own Flat Stanley's or Flat Kids out to friends and family and have them passed around.  I thought it would be GREAT fun for the boys to do it as a year long geography project.  They can follow along with their adventures on a big huge map I have yet to buy.  I decided to take the project a step further and create a Facebook group, The 3 Flat Brothers, for friends and family to follow along on the journey as well.

I couldn't decide how I wanted the boys to make their Flat people.  Well, I could just print out the formula ones on Pintrest.... or I could have them make their own, like a little girl did that sent us one while we were living in Oklahoma:

But I wanted to do something new and original.  So I found a Flat Stanley body on Pintrest that I liked, cropped the head off in Photoshop, and then I sketched my boys' heads in an illustrator program and copied them over onto the bodies.  After I sized them, I printed them out on card-stock and let my boys color them.  Jake, my 5 year old, then refused to give his up, so I let him make another one to keep... little cutie.

I posted on Facebook asking if any of my friends wanted to be the first destination.  I was completely blown away by the responses!!  So off they go into the mail tomorrow!  Can't wait to see where this little journey takes us!

If you would like to follow along on our little Flat Brothers' adventures, come join our Facebook group.

Flat Mama out! (I wish....)


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