Saturday, August 8, 2015

In Which I Let the Man Cut My Hair

Oh, yes I did.

For a couple months I have been wanting to cut my long locks.  I just couldn't take it anymore.  Long hair isn't all that it's cracked up to be... seriously.

1.  It takes FOREVER to blow dry.

2.  It takes FOREVER to style.

3.  It gets to a point where it's too long to do ANY of the cute styles for so-called "long hair" and you just end up looking stupid.  Prime example:

4.  It gets caught in the seat belt.  All. The. Time.

5.  It's hard to fasten my bra without catching hair in it.

6.  I have to braid it every night or my husband gets tangled in and it ends up in his mouth or drooled on.  Sometimes he even rolls in it and I get stuck.  This particularly sucks if I have to pee.

7.  It gets stuck in my armpits.  It gets stuck in other people's arm pits too.... please don't even think of hugging me... I know you mean well, but my hair... just don't.

8. It falls in my food.

9.  The baby loves to pull it.  Baby loves to eat it.

10.  It gets zipped up, tied up, and shut up in doors.

11.  Lipstick, gloss, and chapstick are a nightmare... all it takes is a little breeze....  People standing around me shouldn't wear it either... Just sayin'

12.  The snarls and tangles... oh, let's not go there...

13.  We actually have to budget in shampoo and conditioner.

14.  It's just too hot!

15. We find long blond hair EVERYWHERE!  It clogs the bathtub drain.  It sticks on the shower walls.  It gets caught in the vacuum.  It's like an invasion!

16.  And my favorite:  Changing poopy diapers is a new level of nasty when your hair is taking a dip.  Shuttering at the memories....

Now you have to understand something about me.  My mom is a hairdresser.  I was raised watching her cut, color, perm, etc.  I spent many MANY hours in a salon helping out and watching.  Now, even, my dad is a retired cop and went to barber school and they work together... so cutting hair is in my blood.

And I am SUPER picky about who I want to touch it.  I even fought my mom on many occasions... she still tells the stories of how I would refuse to let her cut or trim certain sections of my hair.

But she's in Utah, and I'm far far away in Tennessee.  So I started looking around for someone to cut my hair.  Checking out websites, Facebook pages, asking around for referrals, etc.  And nothing felt RIGHT to me.  AND I am super cheap.  With forking out the big bucks for back to school, (y'all know how I feel about THAT) I couldn't justify a $35 haircut for myself.

So, a couple nights ago, I had this brilliant plan.  I could have Ben (who has zero experience) cut my hair and I would guide him through it.

Me: "Hey, want to cut my hair?"

Ben: "Okay."

So we decided that we would do it today.  I wanted an A-line cut -- shorter and stacked a bit in the back, and long on the sides.  I prayed. Then we did it.  I'll let the pictures tell the story....


The cut:


It looks a little asymmetrical... but it isn't.  I just have more hair on one side due to some breakage from always wearing it in a braid.  Oops.  But hey, It looks GREAT to me!  I'm really happy with it and I think Ben did a really great job. What a studly hubby I have.

And I'm feeling lovely today... I needed that.


PS - My boys are really creeped out about the braid.  They think it's a little freaky.... which makes it HILARIOUS to me!!


The Mom said...

I am super impressed! It looks great!

The Mom said...

I am super impressed! It looks great!