Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Story Behind the Craziness!

Since posting our pregnancy announcement yesterday, we have been met with mixed reactions.  From profanity to "are you sure it's a boy?" to many congratulatory responses and even laughter.  It's all good, we knew people would react those ways because, hey, we are having our 5th boy -- conceived when our last one was only 5 months.  Yeah, it's crazy.

Then everyone wants the story.  So here it is:

First off, I know your primary question is: was it planned?  No, it wasn't.

If you read back to after I had my last baby, I wrote about my plans for taking my body back, getting back in shape and running a marathon.  Having another baby was the LAST thing on our minds. Wow, I just had a baby!  That was so great!  Let's have another one right now!!  Said NO ONE EVER!

Little Joseph had just weened himself off the breast -- ALL my boys lose interest at 5 months (it's really weird).  So I was finishing off the mini pill and had just had my first period since I got pregnant on April 10th.  I called my doctor and I told her that I needed a new pill because I wasn't nursing anymore.  I got an appointment for April 29th, but I had to take a pregnancy test on the day before to make sure I wasn't pregnant and getting on the pill.  So I got the test (blood test) and went in the next day.  The test was NEGATIVE.  So I got all my new pills, and the doctor told me not to start until I started my next period and to take the first pill on the first day I started.  Okay, my period was due in a week, so Ben and I used protection until I could start on the new pill.

So I waited for it to start, and it didn't.  I was really confused because I was usually right on day 28.  But then I rationalized that I had only had one since the baby, and my body was probably still adjusting.

And I waited...

A week went by... then two....

I started to get concerned that something might be wrong with my hormone levels or something.  Not once did it cross my mind that I could be pregnant.  It took us a year and a half to get pregnant with Jake, and 5 months to get pregnant with Joseph, and was NOT on birth control.

So, I thought, well, I have this left over test from the last time, might as well take it just for the peace of mind that I will probably start the next day.

I hadn't even finished pulling up my pants and it was giving me the double lines.

I just stared at it.  Then I said some choice words no good Mormon girl would ever say.

Then I cried.

How could this happen!?  We were taking precautions!!!  I had just had that blood test that said negative!  I had JUST HAD A BABY!!!! This wasn't happening....

Ben was out in the field until later that night, so I had to keep it all to myself as I feed the kids dinner and cleaned up the house and got them to bed.

When he finally came home tired and smelly, I sat him down and told him:

"I'm pregnant."

He just stared at me for a second while it clicked in his tired brain.  Then he did the unexpected and smiled.  "THAT'S AWESOME!!"  Wait... what?!  

"Are you serious!?"

"Yeah!  That's awesome!  Wait until I tell the guys!!"  I guess there is some kind of social status hierarchy for men who knock up their women while using birth control... like it's super manly or something.  I just wanted to flick him in the forehead... or punch him in the nose.

I started crying and he held me for a bit and told me it was going to be alright... if the Lord was going to mess with birth control it must be meant to be.... that kind of stuff.

I didn't want to tell anyone, but just the next week after that I REALLY started showing... it was so embarrassing... back into my maternity clothes!  So I finally fessed up to my family and those I saw every day.  But it took me a couple months to really come to terms with the fact I was going to have another baby at the end of the year.  New baby and Joseph will only be 14 months apart.  I know they will grow up close, and that's cool, but it's not cool on my poor body.

It takes me a year to recover after having a baby.  This pregnancy has been hard because of that.  I bleed for 4 weeks... I thought I was miscarrying and ended up in the ER.  Everything looked good so they just chalked it up to my body trying to make sense out of all the craziness.

I have never been morning sick until this one, either.  Sprite Zero has been my friend.

So I thought, it might be a girl.  But I KNEW it was another boy, because that's how we roll.

I got really anxious about it so we scheduled an ultrasound at 15 weeks to find out the gender so I would stop obsessing and felt like I could finally officially announce it.

We went in yesterday, and the second that wand hit my stomach I saw the boy part... After 4 boys you get really good at reading ultrasounds. I usually don't post my boy parts ultrasound pictures, but since there has been many questions about the validity of the ultrasound, here it is, judge for yourself:

Here are a couple other shots:
 Below, he is waving to us:
This one is awesome because you can see all his fingers as he sucks his thumb (It's amazing what you can see these days at only 15 weeks old!!):

Was I disappointed it wasn't a girl?  I don't know.  I mean, I thought it would be awesome to have a girl, but I KNOW boys.  Boys are my thing.  I'm pretty good at it, I think.  And I pretty much knew the whole time it was a boy, I just got the male vibe.  

I'm okay with it!  It's going to be fun!  Boys are crazy, dirty, loud, out of control, and completely precious... and they adore me :)  It's going to be great fun!



Ruth Cowles said...

I am SOOOOOO excited for you! You are wonderful example to me.

Ruth Cowles said...

I am SOOOOOO excited for you! You are wonderful example to me.

Stevie said...

This new little guy will be such a sweet addition! I'm so happy for you!❤️

Lydia @ This Marine Wife said...

That's awesome! The same exact thing happened between our 2nd and 3rd boys, mini pill and timing. They were going to be 14 months apart but are only 13 months apart bc he came early. Then, it happened again between our 3rd boy and our girl. They are 18 months apart. I was nervous about having a girl bc, like you, I know boys! They're fun and crazy! You're gonna have a fun house!!

Ms. Tami said...

I am sorry people feel like it is ok to send anything but positive comments on the announcement of a child. This world is full of sad people who lack understanding of the blessing a new child really is.
Congratulations! I have heard it said that t ALL babies are planned, not by the parents but by God. His timing is perfect. Enjoy your blessing.

Jennie Newbold said...

So so SO excited for you guys!!!!! Boys are the greatest, love you and your sweet family!!

Kimberly Herrera said...

So excited for you guys! And Bens reaction and what he said is PRICELESS! I usually hate people for being pregnant for a few days and cry but seriously you made me laugh and I love your story! I love how you were honest. How you cried. Thank you so much for sharing! Good luck with everything :)

Amy said...

I am so excited for you big sis! You raise awesome boys, they are so lucky to be sent to you! Congratulations, and best of luck on your new adventure!