Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fit Snack Review

 My long time readers know how I am always on the look out for new healthy ways of eating and getting fit.  I was really excited when asked to do a review on a new healthy snack program called Fit Snack.  It's a box of healthy snacks that you get in the mail and you can sign up for it online and buy a single box or sign up to get them monthly.

And I have to say, eating crazy healthy food has never been so fun.  Seriously, everything in the box was pretty new to me, so it was like this little treasure trove of new food discoveries.  And I love good healthy food.
I have to say that my FAVORITE item in the box was the Quinoa chips.  They were so tasty, I wished there was a lot more in the bag!  Even my picky eater loved them... sad I had to share :(

A close runner up was the protein lemon cookie... nom nom.

My husband really liked the energy chocolate bites, and has been using them for help with PT this last week.

I have to mention the weird item: the veggie chips.  They were tasty once you got past the fact that there were whole green beans chip-style in there.  Ben couldn't get past the green bean, but I enjoyed them... they were just a little strange to me.

You can also find a protein bar, a yummy seed mix, some nut spread, Lentil chips, and a gluton free pancake mix.

All and all I think if you are up to getting some healthy snacks, you need to give this a try!!


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