Monday, February 23, 2015

The Very LONG Snow Break

Facebook Update: First real snow dump 
since living in Utah. Realized that I haven't 
missed it as much as I thought I did. Go figure. 
While Ben feels inspired to shovel, I feel
 inspired to sit by the fire, make stew, 
and read a good book. We all deal with 
snowy weather in our own ways
So my kids haven't been to school since Friday, February the 13th because of snow, ice, and heavy rain.  AND I had high hopes of them going back today, but it didn't happen... then I just got the call that it's cancelled tomorrow too.  Talk about cabin fever times 10!!  Four little guys trapped indoors for a week and half!  EKK!

On the bright side, we did get out once last Saturday, and then today... but it's been so cold, and 2 of my boys have had a stomach bug, that we have tried to stay in and keep healthy and warm.

I have been DYING to go out and run!  It's killing me!  The treadmill is getting old after a long winter.  Because of my asthma, I can't go running outside unless it's over 60 -- that's the temp that doesn't hurt my lungs for a week post-run.  And it hasn't been near that in a while :(

But I am a glass half full kind of girl and I am willing to take each day in stride... as long the kids can go back to school tomorrow, I will be a happy mama!

I am keeping myself busy so I don't go crazy.  I have read about 8 novels this last week.  I have cleaned the house many times over.  Been watching cooking shows on Netflix and have improved my cooking skills.  In fact, I made some gourmet-style Raman Noodles yesterday and they were pretty tasty!!  Of course, everyone loved them, except my 7 year old who wasn't impressed and said, "Mom, I used to love your cooking, but this just tastes weird."  The turd.

I also decided to try doing a foil weave on my own hair.
I've done many on my friends, but not on myself...

Turned out pretty good I think!

Oh, the things we do when we are trapped indoors.

Meanwhile, the baby is growing well, and will be for months this weekend!

And Ben is getting promoted on Friday, YIPPY! Congrats to him!!

Life is good... but it will be better once school is back in session :)


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Jessie said...

You're super at staying busy! Boys need to burn off energy and wintertime is so hard! I hope you get great running weather soon.