Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hands Down, the Best Purse I Have EVER Owned!

I just need to give a shout out to R. Riverter Handbags.  A company founded by military spouses... which makes it ever cooler!  A few months ago they sent me a purse.  Handmade.  Gorgeous! I tweeted and Facebooked about it, but I am not sure anyone really paid it much attention... at least not the attention it deserved.  So here I am posting a much deserved update on my super purse.

This is the one they sent me:

Now, having 4 boys, I was skeptical that it would survive long.  Usually I have to get big clunky bags at Wal-Mart to withstand the wear and tear of being a mom of boys.  But this lovely beauty not only held it's shape, it is easy to clean off, has many pockets, it is also stylish... which is usually a luxury I can't normally afford.

So if you are one of those people who LOVE to support small businesses, and buy American made, you HAVE to check these purses out!


PS I forgot to add that there are a few criteria for a purse that I look for other than duribility.  The purse must:
-Fit a book
-Have easy access pockets for a cellphone and sunglasses
-Also can fit a kindle, a diaper, and some wipes...
-And also a few kids' toys without looking too bulky

This purse houses it all plus some!  Ben calls it my Mary Poppin's purse.

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w8in4dave said...

Nice! Gunna have to get me one! Thanks!