Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Coming Home: A Children's Book Review

I hate feeling horrible.  And I do, right now.  I was sent a lovely picture book to review a few months ago, just before I had the baby.  It is called Coming Home, by Greg Ruth.  And I read it, I planned to review it here just before Veteran's Day, and then I had the baby and the book got lost under a stack of baby paraphernalia.  I just found it today.

So being true to my word, here is my review.
Coming Home is a beautifully illustrated book about the emotions of welcoming a loved one home from deployment.  Not a book of many words, but the illustrations tell the story better than anyone could describe with words anyway.

I loved the book, and my boys thought it was great too!  A must have for any military kid's book shelf.
And it even has a little unexpected ending.

So check it out!


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