Monday, January 12, 2015

Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's at the Nutshell

I know I have been MIA for a couple months, and I feel terrible.  But between the holidays, sicknesses, adjusting to having 4 boys, and some much needed ME time, 5, or should I say 6 Nuts in a Nutshell, has been put on the back burner.  However, one of my resolutions is to get my butt back on here and get my writing thing on!

So here are a few highlights of the holidays at the Nutshell:


My mom flew out for a couple weeks to help with the new baby and spend Thanksgiving with us.  We also had the little guy blessed (Christened) while she was here.
My mom on the left, and my aunt and uncle on the right.
My aunt Annie and my Uncle Bruce drove up from Alabama for the occasion.  It was sure fun to see them!


In other news, I made a baby wrap for $15!  Score!


My talented mother, colored my hair and gave me a great winter look!


Ben graduated from Air Assault school!  Go Ben!!

And Sam FINALLY got to start cub scouts... with Ben as his Cub Scout Leader.



The boys got new suits.  Joseph got a new hat (I made it).  And Ben and I finally did an updated selfie plus one pic.


 Jake got to ride the mall train... the ultimate fun for a 3 year old.

Ben and I celebrated our 10th anniversary!


And the boys rocked their Christmas PJs from Grandma:

And I snuck that pic of Ben and baby... sooo sweet!


We had the best Christmas EVER in our new house!!!

Sam, Nephi, and Jake all got Kindle Fires for Christmas.  Life has been SO MUCH easier since they got them!!  We now have leverage... Mwhahahaha


New Years:

Completely uneventful.

But I made some goals.  Which I will share with you... in another post ;)

Happy Belated Holidays, my friends!!


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