Tuesday, January 13, 2015

In Which I take all 4 Boys to the Dentist... ALONE

My boys embracing their inner nerd with style at the dentist.
Since moving to our new place, I have been a little lazy about the whole dentist thing.  Which totally isn't me.  I am an every 6 months kind of girl, and since it's been a year since our last cleaning, I finally got around to getting the boys and me an appointment.  In a moment of total brilliance, I decided to make appointments for the 3 bigger boys and me all at the same dentist and at the same time.  I just want to start of by saying, never again.

Getting the boys there wasn't the problem, it all went smoothly until they called us all back.

While I was getting x-rayed, Jacob was screaming "STAY AWAY FROM ME" in the cubical to my left, while Sam was having some sort of melt down to my right -- he was freaking out about each object the dental assistant was using.  Then the baby starts screaming because his brothers are screaming... and Nephi was blissfully ignoring the drama by being good.  Between x-rays I am cubical hopping trying to bribe coax my kids into minding.

It totally wasn't working.

And I didn't blame the boys... oh, no.  I was ticked at Ben.  For some reason it was all his fault, and he wasn't even there!

When it was all said and done, the hygienist came and told me that they were referring the boys to a pediatric dentist.  Because they felt that they would be more accommodating to my children's needs. Which is the nice way of saying take your brats somewhere where they can sedate them, lady!  And truth is, I would rather take them somewhere where they know how to deal with kids.  The hygienists just didn't know how to talk to kiddos very well... I think my boys were stressing out the other patients.

So the verdict?  No cavities for me or Jake (my most defiant brusher), and 4 cavities for Nephi who is my lazy brusher and rare flosser.  But my poor Sam, who is my most faithful brusher and flosser, has some serious issues.  He has like 6 cavities, and his teeth coming in are WAY too big for his mouth so he has to have 4 MORE teeth pulled (last year they pulled 3), and he is going to need some other pricey work done as well.  Poor guy.  Sometimes no matter how hard we try, genetics win out in the end.

Thing is, serious oral work was not in our budget for the year.  It's going to cost us a pretty penny plus a couple thousand.  So, I put my creative thinking hat on and came up with an idea to raise some money to pay for Sam's teeth.  More details to come later.

For now, I am just taking deep breaths and telling myself that it will all work out.  Right?

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