Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Big Move: Our 2nd PCS Journey (Part 2)

Day #2 in Clarksville, we got to move into our NEW house!
 There we are looking so happy!!  Our house not even done quite yet!
We took a quick walk through of the place, and when we came back out, the railing in the front was painted and the sod was down! It's the perfect first house for our growing family!
Our lovely gas fireplace with a mounting spot for our TV -- which worked out perfectly for our TV!

 View from the kitchen to our back door. Those trees are on the state line of Kentucky.  We have some grass now... but this is when we first got here.
The backyard and deck:

The living room looking away from the fireplace:

 Upstairs looking down:
 Lovely stairs...
 This is part of my kitchen, we have an awesome customized island coming on Monday!!  Yay for more drawers and cupboards!!
This is our pantry under the stairs:

Here we are camping out our first night at the new house!  Watching a movie and eating ice cream.  The movers came the next morning with all our stuff.
 The builders were AWESOME to let us come move in before we closed on the house.  They charged us daily rent, as they went about and put on the finishing touches.  They knew that we needed a home for our family and came from a long ways away! Just to calm fluttering hearts, we were all clear for the closing on our end, we were just waiting on the kitchen island to be finished to finalize, that's why we got the clear to move in early.
Yesterday, we officially closed on the house!!  Yay!!!  After almost 10 years of marriage, 3.5 kids later, MANY moves, we are finally home owners!  I feel like a REAL grown up now! (As if having kids didn't make me like an adult already, haha.)  The picture above is us celebrating the closing at Texas Roadhouse... which is pretty much like the Texas Roadhouses in the mid-east or in Utah... but they have their own Tennessee twist that was pretty fun too... like line-dancing servers... haha... It was GREAT!

Unpacking has been a little crazy!  We have most of the important stuff done, now it's just the garage and our craft/office/workout room and we are all set!  We love our little house, and I look forward to our time (however long or brief it may be...) at Fort Campbell and Tennessee!  Here's to many new adventures!!


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