Thursday, July 3, 2014

Oklahoma Highlights

I am really going to miss Oklahoma!

Elgin, OK is such a fun place.  Away from the city enough to be rural, but close enough for shopping purposes!

So if you get stationed at Ft. Sill, come to Elgin!!  It's a great family place, and you will get the REAL Okahoma experience.

Now, what am I going to miss?

Fort Sill:

The wildlife:

The gorgeous skies!!

The treacherous yet beautiful ice storms!

The OK Jailbirds Paper:  Just in case being arrested isn't embarrassing enough...
Now all your friends and neighbors can know all about your naughty behavior.

The history:

The small town set ups:

This is small town Oklahoma's version of the DMV. It was GREAT!! This little place is our town's all in one stop for car registrations, driver's licenses renewals, Pike Passes (pre-paid toll-road passes), fishing and hunting licenses, etc. You can also get some locally made honey treats, catch up on local events posted on flyers, and even have a chance to purchase that used bike out in front. The lady that works there has two darling little helpers and that Oklahoma friendliness that I love so much!

The People:
But I think more than anything, I am going to miss the friends.

There is no one more welcoming and more accepting than these Oklahoma ladies.  I wasn't even living here a week before I was invited to their workout group and included in their group texts planning lunch events, play dates, swim parties, BBQ's, and girl's night outs.  I have never felt so loved and wanted by a group of women... ever.  I will miss them terribly!  I feel super blessed to have each of them touch my life. (Note: not all the amazing women here are pictured above... but I want them to know I love them too)

And their kids are pretty dang awesome too!!
There will always be a part of our hearts in Oklahoma!


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