Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Man Learns to Give Himself a High-n-Tight

After cutting his hair every two weeks for 5 years, I was thrilled when we were asked to review some clippers that are designed so men can cut their own hair.  WOO HOO!!  Introducing Philips Norelco Hairclipper 7100.
Right now, Philips Norelco is rallying support for the troops by encouraging men to get a high-n-tight.  Here is what their email said to me:

To continue that tradition, Philips Norelco is rallying guys to pay tribute to our military service members by asking them to get the iconic military haircut – the High & Tight. With the “High & Tight Salute” campaign, Philips Norelco hopes to spark a conversation and drive awareness for organizations that support our service members and their families. To kick it off, the shaving and grooming brand is donating $25,000 to Operation Homefront AND to really inspire people to get a High & Tight in support of our troops, Philips Norelco will donate an additional $5,000 as they ask fans to upload a picture of their own High & Tight to @PhilipsNorelcowith #HighNTight.

Nick Swisher, baseball All-Star and active supporter of military charitable programs, is the first to get into the action! Check out the hilarious video of him getting his High & Tight here:
Now, Ben knew that once he gave it a go, it may be over for him getting one from me... at least every two weeks.  But he was willing to try it under my supervision of course.  So I stood by, took pictures and gave him tips.

Here he is before:

Yeah, looks like he let himself go... as far as the military is concerned.  For the sake of the review, we let it get that way.
 He started out with the shortest setting.  The closer the better and the longer the haircut lasts.  These clipper give a REALLY close cut!  We were very happy about that.
 Ben did the sides first... the parts he could see.  Then I gave him a tip that really helped.  Tip #1:  Use your empty hand as a guide.  Place it on the back of your head along the line you want to cut... use the sides you already cut as a guide, and shave up to where your fingers are to get a straight line.
See!  He did it!
 Tip #2:  Then pic the size you want the top to be and shave the top down.

Then it will be time to blend the top and the sides.  Tip #3: pick the size greater than the shortest and just blend around.  For the back you are going to have to use your EARS to listen to when the clippers hit the hair.  Then use the next size up and go around again, only cut a little higher.  Continue to listen for the hair being cut and work your way up the sides to blend evenly.

Afters:  I think he looks GREAT!!!  Just in time for his 16 mile 90 lb ruck march!

Side by sides:

 Mission complete!  We love the Philips Norelco Clippers!!


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