Friday, May 2, 2014

VirtuLessons: Music Lessons Online!!

A guest post by Jessica Kitson

As a teacher and wife of a veteran, I understand the sacrifices that come along with moving and homeschooling children. We are looking for support creating an interactive online music classroom, so that students and teachers can connect from anywhere, at any time.

VirtuLessons is a place for students to take lessons online with certified educators. All of our educators are NY state-certified teachers, as well as professional performers. We have had 3 students participate in a festival this past month and all 3 have received a perfect score! We want to take our program to the next level: we hope to program an interactive eClassroom that will allow teachers and students to connect online in order to build an education that centers around availability and connectivity.

More on our program:

VirtuLessons: Creating This Interactive eClassroom for Music Lessons

Our Classroom will include:

  • A web chat built into the eClassroom
  • An interactive whiteboard where teachers and students can share music documents and write on them as needed
  • The frame of each instrument that allows the teachers to highlight necessary keys/buttons
  • A metronome
  • A calendar where students can choose the time and instrument they would like, which would then bring them to a list of available teachers
  • A notebook for the teachers to keep notes on each student. This will allow teachers to keep an updated framework of the curriculum, which is of the utmost importance in moving forward from week to week. This is also helpful to students who engage in lessons with more than one teacher.

Here is one example of our eClassroom templates:

The days of driving to lessons or setting up your house for visitors will be long gone with VirtuLessons. Our online lessons will fit right into your busy lives, wherever life takes you. When you support our project, you will be given your first lesson(s) free, or you will receive instructional videos! To find out more or to make a pledge please visit .

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

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