Friday, May 9, 2014

A Change of Plans... Well, Orders, Anyway...

C'est le vie in the Army!

Things almost NEVER go like you think they will.

You may remember when last November we found out that Ben was going to be stationed at Fort Hood, Texas next.  It wasn't one of our choices, but we knew coming into the Army that our "choices" were merely "suggestions" of where we would like to go... not exactly options.  Soldiers no matter their rank, get sent where the Army needs them.  If one of your choices is on that list, then YAY for you!  If not, suck it up, hope for the best, and embrace the adventure.  Ben's first choice was Fort Campbell, KY (he REALLY wanted to do air assault more than anything!), then his second was Germany (He was born there and has always wanted to go back, and who doesn't want to tour Europe, right?!), and his third was Hawaii (He thought it would be great to get his Masters in Geology there).  Me?  I was just going along for the ride :)

But, we were excited about Texas!  We did all the research, learned all about what Ben's new job would entail, and if you remember, we even looked for a house to buy and made an offer.  We completely and totally embraced the idea of continuing our Army adventure at Fort Hood.

Then as you remember, things changed.  Ben's orders didn't go through, and Fort Sill decided they needed our man a little longer.  I was devastated to lose the house... really broken up about it.  But again, I embraced the suck and hoped that things would look up for us in an unforeseen future.  Ben went to the soldier in charge of making the assignments and asked if we would still be going to Fort Hood at the end of the training this summer.  He looked it up and said yes.  Ben then asked what the chance was they would change it.  He said about 5%.  So there was a 95% chance that we would still be going to Texas.  We were happy about that, and continued to make plans for the summer to go down there.

Last night, was the Red Leg Social.  It's the big event where all the new lieutenants find out where their first real duty station is.  I almost didn't go.  I thought, we already know... and the food isn't really that good...  But Ben really wanted me to come meet some of his new buddies and instructors.  So I got a babysitter for the boys, and headed on over there.

When Ben and I got in we looked for his name in the Fort Hood section.  It wasn't there.  What?!  When we found it at a table on the other side of the room.  We were REALLY confused.  The looks on our faces were probably comical as we approached the table.  We still couldn't see where they were sending us, because there were two captains standing there in the way of the chart that said.

"Lieutenant Lang," one of them said, "We've been waiting for you." He reached his hand out to shake Ben's, "Welcome to the 101st Airborne Division and Fort Campbell."  I wish I had a camcorder on Ben's face... because it lit up like a Christmas Tree!  His BIG Army dream was about to come true!!  I thought he was going to cry... but like a good soldier, he played it cool... only I know my Ben so well to know...

I sat in shock the whole time.  Here I was, been planning on Texas for so long only to be thrown a curve ball doing extra loopty-loops.  Was I happy?  Yeah.  Was I nervous?  Yeah.  Of course!!  But then as we talked to these two captains who came just to talk to Ben, I got really excited!  I am always up for a new adventure... but most of all, to see my husband's hard work and sacrifice FINALLY paid off by getting his dream job... makes me more happy than anything!  He deserves this!

I am a little nervous, meaning about moving farther away from my family... and having Ben jumping out of helicopters... But mostly going into the unknown. I don't know anything about that area of the US, but I'll tell you, I am excited to discover it.  And so are the boys.

Texas would have been fun, but I guess it's just not in the cards for us right now, and that's okay.  New, great and different adventures await us!


Oh, and by the way, I accidentally did something on Facebook I SWORE I would never do.  I dangled the carrot... then I lost cell coverage for a couple hours... This is what I posted:

Soooooo.... Ben's orders were changed. NOT GOING to Texas! Any guesses where?

Fully intending to spill the beans a few minutes later... but I couldn't.  Then Ben reminded me we should tell our families first.  So it was a few hours later that I finally posted this after an apology for being rude:
(photos borrowed from the Army website)

Here's to new adventures that await us this summer!!



Kayli Sue said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting! We drove past there on our way to Carson a couple weeks ago! It looked pretty nice! Seriously so excited for you husband!

Holly said...

That's awesome! We have been at Campbell since last October. It's a terrific area!

Cat said...

Holly!! Email me! I would love your input about PCSing there! nutsinanutshell(at)gmail(dot)com