Thursday, January 23, 2014

The (Tough Love) Military Wife Survival Guide: A Book Review

When a new military wife asks me for my best advice, I point her toward some of my favorite military wife books.  I learn the best from books, and I think there is a wealth of information in books written by military wives who have been there and done that.  I have been an Army wife for almost 5 years, and I STILL feel like a newbie when it comes to certain things.  Better to send my friends to people who know more than I do!  (However, I am always willing to answer questions to the best of my knowledge -- I love helping out my friends!)

I always enjoy reading books by my fellow military wives.  You would think that they would all cover the same old stuff.  But they don't!  Each wife that writes because she has something unique to add to the fray.

The most recent book I have been asked to review is called The (Tough Love) Military Wife Survival Guide by S.M. Westerlie.

This book starts out with a few basic tips to help the new military wife... all great information that we all need to know.  Then she goes on to talk more about the emotional welfare of the military wife -- which I really like.  She talks about the pros and cons of moving all the time, making new friends (the people to embrace and the ones to avoid), and adjusting to life with a serviceman -- including dealing with deployment, PTSD, adultery, and even abuse and suicide.  She gives some fantastic tips and shortcuts to make life easier and doesn't skirt around the less attractive truths, but makes sure to emphasis the bonuses and greatness of choosing a military life.

I don't always agree with the author (on some of the small things), mainly I am just a different kind of thinking girl.  But I think she is classy, handles bad situations with grace, and seems to hold her own when it's important... I think we would be fast friends!  Besides, I appreciate someone who stands up for what they believe in, even if I disagree.  

One thing I wish the book had was more personal stories.  She has some GREAT tips and some stories, but I would have loved to read about more!!  Maybe I am just nosy :)  But I learn best from personal examples... I think people take advice to heart more if you drive it in with a personal example.  But that's just me.

Whether or not you are a new military wife, a seasoned one, or not even one at all!!  I think you would enjoy this book.  It was an easy yet informative read.  So my lovely, crocheted hat off to S.M. Westerlie for a job very well done!



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