Thursday, January 16, 2014

Make Your Home Theater System Family Friendly

A Guest post by Maire Hunter

Given that most parents today lead busy, hectic lives, you no doubt want to spend as much time as possible with your kids. Bring the entire family together by setting up a home theater system that everyone can enjoy. Get your kids in on the fun by letting them choose movies on Netflix or by adding a Wii. You might even schedule a family movie night once a week and make the movie choice a “prize” for good grades or doing chores. Make family movie night even more special with popcorn and other snacks.
But with so many tiny hands in the space, it’s important to make your home theater area kid-friendly and safe. These five tips will help you create a safe home theater system your whole family will love.

Anchor the TV

No matter how careful kids and adults are, accidents happen. These days, many TVs are lightweight, making them easy to tip over. Some models may even be heavier on top than the bottom, which can sometimes prove disastrous. To prevent any toppling over, secure the TV to the stand or to the wall with mounts. By securing your TV, you’ll ensure that it doesn’t get damaged and your child remains safe.

Safety latches on cabinets

If possible, select low, deep cabinets instead of tall, skinny ones since they’re harder to tip over. Put safety latches on all of the cabinets to keep little hands from shoving toys into DVD players and game systems or pulling out all of the movies onto the floor.

Cover the cords

Secure all the cords you can and keep them out of the way of children. Small children especially may want to pull on them to bring the TV closer, or because they’re trying to stand. You’ll also want to make sure there are no cords hanging in a walking space, as kids can trip over these easily.

Protect the remote

The remote is one of the most dropped items in the home. You can protect it by purchasing a remote cover. These are similar to cell phone cases that provide shock resistance, but made for your remote.

Make the rules

Don’t forget the importance of making rules for your children regarding the home theater system. Tell them running is not allowed in the room — and neither is playing with flying remote-controlled helicopters. Keep food and drinks out of the room except during special occasions to help you avoid ending up with peanut butter and jelly all over the TV.
By following these tips, you can make your home theater area safe and functional for everyone in your family. Make sure you secure your TV and all the wiring. Protect your DVD players and game systems with cabinet locks and your remote with a cover. Lastly, create rules for your family when it comes to the home theater system. These precautions will keep everyone enjoying family movie nights for years to come.

Maire is a lifestyle writer hailing from Chicago but now lives in the Indianapolis area. She enjoys cycling, baking and her wonderful cats Walter and Jack.


Dolores Brown said...

Anchoring the TV, that is the smartest suggestion I've heard so far. Things always happen at my house, wrestling, and it always gets out of hand. I've had two TVs broken, and now I am taking your advice to get it anchored.

Hannah Page said...

My husband is finishing our basement right now. I am the most excited about the home theater we are going to have. This was really good ideas so it is safe for my little kiddos to be in there. This will be such a fun addition to our home.

Bill Li said...

Thanks for the tips! I have little ones of my own, so it's good to know how to make my home theater system safe for my kids to be around. It seems like a good idea to anchor the TV. I wouldn't want my TV to fall on my kid if he tries to knock it over. That's something I know that my youngest kid would do.

Anonymous said...

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