Monday, January 6, 2014

Enlisted: The TV Show, Coming Soon!!

A couple weeks ago, I was thrilled to be contacted via email and offered the chance to watch the first 4 episodes of a new TV show called "Enlisted".

I don't know about you, but since Ben joined the Army, it's hard for us to watch anything Hollywood puts on about the Army because all we can do is sit there and point out the mistakes.  Sucks all the fun out of any military shows that we watch... especially when they are trying to be serious.

But when it comes to humor, we are pretty laid back about expectations, because it's humor.  It's suppose to be off... that's what makes it funny.  Besides, being in the military lifestyle gets serious so often, that once in a while, it is nice to step back and laugh... and if we are laughing at ourselves it's even better.

If you read the Youtube comments on the trailer, you will notice that people either REALLY like it or REALLY hate it.  Me?  I think people need to chill out.  Everyone knows that a military life is a serious one, no one is going to think the Army is REALLY exactly like anything on TV.  Ben and I, we LOVED it!!

Once we got past the haircuts, or lack thereof... and the HORRIBLE misuses of the uniform, facial hair... and the fact they aren't wearing their "covers" or hats outside... we sat back and had a great laugh!  What's funny is, is that everyone knows someone that is like these guys or girls.  And in the 4th episode we watched when they introduced a new 2nd Lieutenant right fresh from West Point, I thought Ben was going to choke on his popcorn!  They also deal with some serious issues that the military and their families face every day without making them seem weak or like victims, I love that.  There was a comment left on YouTube by a man named Damon Mathews, and I hope he doesn't mind me quote him, but I LOVE what he says in response to a nay sayer:

I am a 25 year mil Veteran, and WWP Alumni member. I spent four months on set with the guys and gals of Enlisted. I can honestly tell you, they worked diligently to honor the US Military and Veterans.
There were a handful of Veterans that worked on set. We were ALL treated with the utmost respect.
I am in the double digits of brothers and sisters lost in Combat, double that amount and that will give the number of my friends that have been burned beyond recognition, and or lost limbs.

As for me and the family that I shared these clips with, there was one solid message in the feedback. "FINALLY!! Some one is addressing our issues with comedy, instead of making us looking like victims." It seems Hollywood wants to see two versions of the American Warfighter, psychotic Veteran or Hero. Personally I think the Hero movies are to few and far between.
It is comedy, a chance to laugh with our brothers in uniform, not at them. Trust me, humor is one of the ways we cope with what we have seen.
Perhaps Enlisted is not your version of comedy, great no worries. At least give Enlisted a chance before you pass judgement off of a 2:30 clip. Let them get off the beach and see where they go, before you try to push them back in the ocean. -Damon Mathews

Anyway its great!!  Funny Stuff!!!

Check out the trailer and I dare you not to smile!

They also sent me some links to some of the behind the scenes videos:
The 60 second spot:

Now, I know there are people out there who are going to disagree with me, that's fine. But we are all entitled to our personal feelings, and I really liked it.... but I really wish I could introduce them to my clippers! FOX has actually responded to the people who have been pointing out "mistakes" in the first episode. In fact, they are holding a contest on spotting the mistakes in the trailer. If you want to check it out, pop over there and see what it's all about! Enlisted Premieres this Friday the 10th on FOX!! Don't miss it!!


PS:  And you have to admit, they are pretty cute! ;)

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armywife said...

Cat, I wasn't sure if we were going to watch it because I just wasn't sure about it. Thanks for the review though, I will let Paul know that this may be a show that he would really enjoy. It is a pain watching anything military related with him, because he points out everything that is wrong. lol He says I am just asb ad though. lol