Monday, December 16, 2013

Camo Tungsten Ring Review

Engagement Pic 2004
Ben and I had very little money to spend on our wedding when we got married.  We could hardly even afford our wedding rings... and didn't want to have make payments on lavish ones while we were trying to get Ben started on his schooling.

We got Ben a $45 10 karat gold ring -- and the inside of the ring is indented inwards so he is always getting dirt in it and sometimes his finger swells up inside or irritates his finger giving him rashes.  He hates that ring.  I wear my great-grandmothers ring and cheap gold band.  But cheap rings was a small sacrifice for the investment of education for our future.

In a couple days will be celebrating our 9th anniversary!!  Our goal was to get new rings by the big 10.  Then a couple months ago, Vince at, contacted me about a ring review.  They had a new camo-style ring out for the military.  And I LOVED IT! And I KNEW Ben would love it too!
I kept it a secret.  Didn't tell Ben a thing about the new ring coming just for him!

It arrived the afternoon of Halloween.  I got it just as I was going out the door to meet Ben for lunch.  I met up with him and as we sat down for lunch in the food court at the PX, I told him I had something for him.  I said I know and understand all the sacrifices he has made for our family... especially so I could be home with the boys.  I slipped the ring box across the table and he just stared at it.

"Open it!"
"If this is what I think is, we can't afford it, Cat." He said.  I explained to him that it was a blog review item and his face lit right up.  He opened it and just looked at it for a few seconds.  Have you ever seen a tough guy cry?  Well, at least choke up and get all teary eyed?  That was my Ben that day.  His hands shook as he put the ring on and it fit perfect! (Yay me for guessing the right size!!)

He absolutely LOVES it!  Even his Army buddies are totally jealous!  We have had a couple requests already for the website info.

Tungsten rings are gorgeous!  When Ben and I get these student loans and other debt paid off (or at least well on our way, I love to order some matching ones for myself -- girl style of course)  Just a warning though, don't wear it while you are washing windows with a paper towel... not that we know what happens or anything... and that big scratch on the church window is totally NOT our fault... right?

So pop over and support a company that supports the military!  He made this soldiers year!


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