Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thrive Life: Review and Guest Post

My friend Pauline, sent me some fantastic samples of some of the freeze dried food from Thrive Life.  It was so yum!  ESPECIALLY the peaches!  She also sent us some corn and celery that was amazing in some stew I made the other day.  Fun stuff!  Here is a little post she wrote about Thrive Life:


Thrive Life is your premier source for emergency preparedness supplies and informational tools. Featuring freeze dried foods, food rotation systems (food storage shelves), and our revolutionary calculators for food storage and emergency kits, Thrive Life offers the tools you'll need to create a comprehensive, customized emergency preparedness plan.

Food Storage Rotation Food storage management has never been easier thanks to Thrive Life Food Rotation Systems.™ Available in four heights, three widths, and two depths, our food storage shelves were designed to easily store and rotate a large amount of cans. Every system features patented front-loading technology and fits easily into most storage spaces.

THRIVE Food Storage THRIVE is a revolutionary food storage product that was developed for incorporation into everyday menu planning. We've included nutrition facts and easy-to-make recipes with every can. Other products may be stored and forgotten, but THRIVE Foods are a healthy, cost-effective option you'll love to use!

Emergency Kits & Supplies Disaster can strike at any time, and one can never be too prepared. Thrive Life is proud to offer a variety of emergency items that will help you prepare for whatever the future may hold. From inexpensive supplies to top-of-the-line 72-hour kits, our products are an essential part of any emergency preparedness plan.

Preparedness Tools In addition to our wide variety of products, Thrive Life offers many helpful tools to help you build a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan. These tools include our revolutionary calculators for emergency kits and food storage, a recipe database, a blog, and a library that's rich with information. We hope you'll find these resources useful as you prepare your family for whatever comes next.

"store what you eat, Eat what you Store - your very own 'home' Store'

*Freeze Dried is like you are eating it fresh, still maintains same nutrients. Dehydrated or Canned products is done by heat so it kills some of the nutrients and preservatives get added. Majority of the products have a 25 year shelf life and a 1 open shelf life.

They have a Gluten Free line and are working on Organic as well.

They have monthly programs, where you can add to your food storage a month at a time. They have 4 different programs. 1 - you pick your own budget from the beginning. No Yearly Fees, no added perks 2 - $79.99 Sign up fee, then $19.99 Yearly Fee, but you get the extra 'perks' for being part of the 'Club'. (website for perks: 3 - $100 for the first three months, no set up fees or yearly fees plus you get the perks. On Month 4 you can go up or down however much. 4- $150 for the first 3 months (THRIVE Smart Start). They send you products to try since some don't know where to start. Month 4 you pick what you want and how much you want to spend. Plus get added perks, no added fees 5- $200 for the first months (Smart Start 200 Pack). They send you even more products to start with. Month 4 you pick what you want. Plus get added 'perks', no fees.

We also carry all kinds of emergency preparedness products. Whether its 72 hour kids, auto emergency kits or camping gear.

I am taking pre-orders if they don't want one more thing to compete with on Black Friday. They will want to get their orders in early to get the products they want before they run out. EVERYTHING is up to 50% off, the flyer is the 'hot' items.


You can check out Pauline's website here:  CLICK HERE!  or like her Facebook Page:  CLICK HERE!!  These items are fantastic for food storage or emergency kits.  It would be nice to have a bucket of this stuff for our storm shelter!!

BLACK FRIDAY!!!  Thrive Life is having some amazing sales for Black Friday!  So go check it out!!

So pop over and show some support for Pauline and Thrive Life!


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