Friday, November 29, 2013

Printable Advent Calendars and Other Fun Stuff!!

 A friend of mine, Liz, runs a cute little Etsy shop called Dandelion Avenue.  She makes some REALLY cute designs for scrapbooks, cards, invites, and other fun stuff!  This week she sent me a Printable Advent Calendar that folds up into little boxes -- I LOVE THIS idea!!  I am going to print them out and put candy in there for the boys, or some other fun treat to help them count down the days until Christmas.
 She also sent me these elf jokes.  These are perfect for those of you doing the elf on the shelf thing.  I don't do it, but I think these jokes would be fun to put in my boys lunch boxes!  They love stuff like this.
Anyway, pop over and check out Liz's shop, she has such fun stuff!  CLICK HERE NOW!! ;)  You can also like her Facebook Page: Click here!

It is really important to me to support my friends and those out there with small businesses -- I know it means the world to me when people support me.  So whether or not it's Liz you support this Christmas season, me, or anther friend or family member... DO IT!  Because it's the little guys like us that make this country so great... and it never hurts to collect some good karma ;)


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Liz Langston said...

Thanks so much for the shout out Cat! You're awesome! I totally agree with supporting small businesses too. I love etsy for finding unique items.