Wednesday, November 6, 2013

And the Army is Sending Us... Drum Roll Please...

Every corp does it different, and most of Ben's friends he commissioned with already knew where the Army was stationing them after their Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) training.  But we didn't.  Drove me nuts not knowing!!

Oklahoma was our first stop and we love it here.  We have met some AMAZING people, but alas, it isn't where we will be come February.  Because yesterday at the Red Sock Reception, we were assigned to this table to reveal where we were headed:
Take a second to look really hard at the picture... see it?  Bottom left?

Looks like we are Texas-bound this new year!  Are we excited?  Heck yeah!  We are thrilled to have the Texas experience!

So Fort Hood here we come!


If you have been to Fort Hood, what are your best tips and advice?

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Jenifer said...

Congratulations! How exciting for your family. Good luck in your new adventure.