Thursday, October 17, 2013

Doodey the Combat Camel: A Book Review

Yes, this is the week of the book reviews.  I have a stack of, no kidding, 12 books, I have to read and report on.  Geesh... I feel like I am back in grade school writing book reports again... only with more attitude now :)  AND I can REALLY say how I feel without getting my grades docked.

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Joe Wardell, a sergeant in the Army, who wrote a children's book about deployment.  Along with his email, he asked me to review his book and attached this video:

I thought, that is one of the cutest military dad's EVER!  And I have a serious soft spot for soldiers who go above and beyond for their kids -- in a I-want-to-hug-him-and-feed-him-cookies sort of way, if you know what I mean. 

A few days later I got my copy of Doodey the Combat Camel.  We read it to the boys and they LOVED it!  I think they are now planning Ben's deployment (knock on wood!!) and which toys they are going to send with him.    Not ready for that day yet....

I loved the book.  It was sweet and thoughtful and even made me laugh at times.  I appreciated the honesty about combat and deployment, I love that he wrote it on a level that young children could understand, and I LOVED the pictures!  I felt the love this dad had for his son as he wrote this and it was very touching to me.

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