Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Doctored Up Halloween!

"Who are you?" a neighbor asks one of my boys.
"I'm the Doctor," one of them says.
"Doctor Who?" they ask.
My boys laugh... and so does anyone else around that gets it!  Brilliant Halloween fun!!

A few months ago my boys told me they wanted to be Doctor Who's for Halloween this year.  Okay, that was cool, I thought.  But then I knew that once again I had to use all my creative skills to come up with something.

I ordered some sonic screwdriver flashlights from Amazon.  And a tie and some suspenders.  I enlisted a friend for a red bow tie.  And then found some wicked awesome red converse shoes at the PX.  The rest of the outfits were up to me!!

I popped over to the Ft. Sill Thrift store and bought 3 men's blazers for $5 each.

 Then I started cutting them up and adjusting them just so....
Last night I stayed up late finishing them off... and VOILA!!!

Jacob, however, was less than happy with his costume...

But what's a Doctor without his Tardis, right?!

Anyway, they were the HIT of the street Halloween Party we went to tonight... and since last year, when I totally slacked on the Halloween costumes because I had my tonsils out, this year, I really felt like I made up for it.  Feeling like a cool mom tonight, and sleeping happy!


Update: Apparently, there has been some confusion about my boys' Halloween Costumes... no names... (Mom!) So I made this little picture to help those who aren't hanging from the nerd tree :)


Amy said...

Just awesome!!!! Your boys are lucky to have you for a mom!!! I LOVE Dr Who.. and they look GREAT!

Marisa said...

Love it!