Friday, September 13, 2013

The Oklahoma Adventure (Part Two: Settling In)

We arrived the night before the moving truck pulled in to deliver all our worldly goods.  If you think that one just gets to sit back and do nothing while the movers bring in your junk, think again!
They put us to work on inventory!  Above is the inventory list of everything they took... we had to check it off as they brought it in.  Worst job ever!  I would have rather done the labor part... seriously!

After they left, I felt so overwhelmed.  But they told me not to stress, that their unpackers were coming the next day!  Yay!

But the unpackers made it worse!!  They just took everything out of the boxes... and left the stuff in little piles around the house.
Every room pretty much looked like this above.  I actually think I had a really panic attack!  Ben took me out for some yummy Chinese food and that helped me calm down a little... but just a little...

Now, I know some military wives poke fun at those of us who say that attitude is everything, and anywhere we are sent can be an adventure.  That home is where your family is and all that positive moving stuff.  There are some trending articles going around about what bases/posts suck and how it's the thing now to be really honest about that fact that a lot of places just aren't cool.  But I really do think that any journey can be an adventure.  That my attitude WILL make or break our experiences.  That being said, Oklahoma has some faults.  EVERY where you go will have downs.  Here are a few little cons of this lovely state:

The bugs are freaking HUGE:

With their lovely southern accents they can't seem to get our last name right...

 Little things like this pop up when you try to enroll your kids in public school:

And they have some questionable food joints....

But Oklahoma has MORE pros than cons!

Gorgeous sunrises:
It is so green!  Lots of trees and grass:
This is actually going through Oklahoma City... I couldn't even see the city through all the trees!!

Oklahoma City
We even passed some of the tornado devastation... really sad.

Also, we LOVE visiting Fort Sill!
It is so clean and well kept.  The people are so polite.  NOTHING like it was when visiting some of the bases in Utah... Fort Sill is VERY family friendly!  SEVERAL of the waiting rooms have play areas for the kids.  It was awesome.  The Army has a lot of paper work and lines to stand in, but they had lots of amenities to help pass the time, and they always try to get the people with kids in sooner rather than later.

They have a super awesome museum.  The boys were in Tank heaven!

 And you know you are on a military base when.....
 Oklahoma is an adjustment for sure.  Not anything much like we were used to in Utah, which is both a good and bad thing... but ALWAYS something new and adventurous! Sure it will take some time to get used to the toll-roads and the humidity.  But the people here are pretty awesome... At first they seemed a little weary of move-ins in this little town, but when I was friendly and cracking jokes, they warmed up to me pretty quick.

I just know I am going to enjoy our stay in Oklahoma....

More adventures to come!


Ariana said...

I agree that your attitude will make all the difference. I love the photo of you with your boys. You are so beautiful.

Jenifer said...

Moving is always exciting ;) My husband just got orders..... he is in the USMC but we will be moving to Ft. Sill next year. I am looking forward to the different area. After living in Michigan, I am ready for a change!

Meditec said...

The only thing I hate about moving is heavy traffic, other than that I love everything else in between. Packing and unpacking. New beginnings.