Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Oklahoma Adventure (Part One: On the Road)

After two and a half weeks of no internet, we were hooked up last night!  And WOW have we had some adventures!  So I am going to do this in a series of posts so it won't be so long, and you won't be so bored.

So, the plan was, that the movers-packers would come on the last Wednesday and Thursday of August and pack our stuff.  The movers would then come on Friday and load up.  We would then stick around and clean all day that Saturday and leave town on the next Sunday of the 1st of Sept and travel a couple days making a few stops... and then arrive at Fort Sill, Oklahoma on the afternoon of the 3rd in time for Ben to report in and check in to our new home!

But in the Army, things NEVER work out the way you plan!

The packing went all well.  It is SO NICE not to have to do it myself!
We lived in a maze of boxes for a couple days until Friday morning when the movers came with their big truck:
As they started loading up our stuff, the driver came up and started talking to us.  He asked us if we wanted our stuff in storage or delivered to our new place.  Even though we told everyone and their dog that we wanted it delivered, they still kept asking.  Maybe to make sure that we didn't change our minds or something.  We told him we wanted it all delivered to our new house.  His agency told us that our stuff wouldn't be delivered until the 9th, but the driver kindly told us that he was going to be there bright and early on Monday morning and if we weren't there, then he would have to put all our stuff in storage.  Now, the Army will let you think you can then get your stuff out any time, but if you have any experience with that option, and I have had MANY friends who have, that it is NEVER that easy!  Some wait MONTHS to get access to their things once put in storage.  We didn't want that, but it also meant that we had to leave THAT night, 2 days earlier than planned.

So we cleaned up the best we could, shoved everything in our two vehicles.  Yeah, we had to drive both.  Ben drove his car with one kid and I took the other two in the mini van.  So yes, I drove all 20 plus hours to Oklahoma!

We got the cars weighed, (Army pays us for the stuff we move ourselves), and off we went.  Our goodbyes to Utah were so quick we didn't get a chance to cry about it.  Oh well.

It was dark by the time we got into Wyoming.  There wasn't much traffic there... and not a lot to see in the dark.  They had really well kept roads though and Wyoming isn't lacking in cones or roadside reflectors!  And they have a super cool tunnel through the mountain that was pretty much the highlight of the trip for the boys.

We got into Colorado past midnight and traveled south towards Boulder.  Ben had made us some hotel reservations just north of there and we got in around 2 am.  That might have been fine and dandy, but we couldn't find a parking space for the life of us and had to park WAY far from our room.  Then our key wouldn't work and Joe-Shmoe night clerk wasn't playing with a full deck.  When we told him our key wasn't working, guess what he said? "The door must be broken..."  Really?  You are really going to go with that one.... whatever.  Ben told him to re-key the card and the guy argued with him for about 10 minutes.  Then the guy went and tried it himself, which took forever, then he was running around and trying to figure it all out.... yeah, we didn't get into our room until after 3 am!

But the bad service didn't matter.  Because this hotel had...
Yes, a fresh remote.  What could be better?  Who cares if the service sucked... as long as the remote is fresh!  (Yes, those are my feet... my happy feet!)

The next day, after a pretty nasty continental free breakfast (but no matter... remember the Fresh Remote!  Score!!!), we headed out toward Kansas.  Our next stop was a night with Ben's brother's family who are stationed there (He's in the Army too).  I wasn't a huge fan of what I saw in that corner of Colorado, I think I missed the best parts in the dark, but I was glad to see Kansas... and it was beautiful!  It was crazy weird not to see mountains for the first time in my life!  Just rolling fields.

Now, I learned that one can really tell a lot about a state from their road signs.  Kansas folk really like Jesus, are EXTREMELY pro-life, and to say that they love museums is an understatement.  No kidding.  Every town we passed had some kind of museum.  The only one that temped me at all was the OZ museum, but it was too far out of our way... Ben was tempted to stop and see the museum for the world's biggest Prairie Dog.  But that was a pass in the end as well.

That evening we finally reached the center of Kansas and crashed at Ben's brother's place.

The next morning, Sunday, we all got back in the car and started out on the homestretch to Oklahoma!!  So we said our goodbyes to lovely Kansas:
After driving for a couple days, nothing was more exciting for us then to FINALLY see this sign:
And a few hours later, we were pulling up our very long driveway to our new house!
To be continued....

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Ariana said...

I enjoyed reading about your moving adventure. The fresh remote is pretty funny. :o)