Friday, August 23, 2013

Week #12: The Home Stretch!!!

One week left of the challenge, friends!  Time to get in gear and push it to the end!!  The next report will be the last one -- we will just have the challengers finish out the month and report to me their over-all total miles for the summer the first week of Sept.  Since we will be leaving Utah for our new home in Oklahoma on the 31st, getting the last results and prizes awarded may take me a few days... who know when I will have internet!  But it will get up!  I PROMISE!

I am so excited to see the results rolling in.  Together we have done SO MANY miles!  We have actually passed through all the 48 mainland states... that is an incredible feat!  Everyone should be pleased with themselves because we all had miles to contribute.

This summer we have all worked hard.  I have never trained so hard in my life.  I can hardly write this without tearing up! lol.  I am such a baby.  But I look back at myself and I see how far I have come and how much I put into getting here.  It wasn't easy.  It was hard.  Once upon a time I could hardly walk a mile:

Tomorrow I am running a half marathon!  Me!  The girl who never even dared to dream that stuff like this was possible for people like me.

I am still not the world's standard of "skinny".  And I most likely will never be.  But I am active.  I am fit.  I am EXTREMELY healthy!  I have been able to calm my asthma through consistent running and essential oils, so much in fact, I haven't had to use my inhaler for about a month!

I feel better about myself and I know that I can do anything if I work hard and set my mind on my goals.  Dreams CAN come true!

Good luck to all the challengers this week!  It's the homestretch!!!  Let's see if we can go out with more miles this last week than ever before!  Let's try for a group goal of 800!  That's almost DOUBLE what we did this last week... we can do it!!!  And that will get us to Alaska!!!  So let's go!


Challenger Updates:

Lydia did a 50 mile bike ride with her son this week!!  How fun is that!?  I LOVE it when the kids get involved!
Our good friend and map updater, Ariana has lost 17 pounds this summer!!!!  Way to go!!!

Melanie Wright, our sponsor from Rodan + Fields Dermatologists is going to donate a Mini Facial EVERY WEEK to one of our challengers!! The winner of the mini facial this week, goes to:


Make sure to send me your mailing info so Melanie can get that in the mail to you! A big thanks to Melanie for doing this for our challenge!!

NOTE: The past few winners haven't contacted me!!!  Please check back and see if you won so I can get your prize to you!!

Where in the US are We?!
Update by Ariana
Guys...WE DID IT!!! We reached our goal of running from Florida to Washington and hit every state in between: 48 states! We ran 428 miles this week and 6,880 miles total! There's no need for modesty here. I'll just say it...We ROCK!

I know some of us are still working toward our individual goals (including me). There is still one more week of the challenge. What do you say we head on up through Canada and try to reach Alaska? It's just under 700 miles away, and we've done that before in one week. I say we GO FOR IT!

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