Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week #10: Craziness!

This last week we were so busy, this was the first chance I have had to sit down and go through my emails and get the miles all added up.  So I apologize for the delay.  But here they are now!!

I did hit a major milestone this week.  I ran 11 miles without walking!!  ELEVEN miles!!  This week it will be 12 and then next week is the Half Marathon!!!  I am so excited, nervous... but mostly excited.  I have worked so hard to get here, that it feels good to be meeting my goals!

How are you wrapping up your summer??


Updates from our Challengers:

Melissa Reports:
I did 17.78 miles this past week! That means I've hit the goal for Bronze! Honestly, at the beginning I didn't think I could actually do it, but I'm surprised at the progress I've made! I did my longest run ever last night (8.4 miles) and I didn't stop to walk once! And I'm running my first half marathon next Saturday.. So wish me luck and pray that I don't die ;) thanks!!


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Linda K!!!

Make sure to send me your mailing info so Melanie can get that in the mail to you! A big thanks to Melanie for doing this for our challenge!!

NOTE: The past few winners haven't contacted me!!!  Please check back and see if you won so I can get your prize to you!!

Where in the US are We?!
Update by Ariana

This week we traveled 503 miles for a total of 5,590 miles! We added Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho to our state tally. We only have 4 more states to go. I can’t believe we’re almost done! We can do it!

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