Saturday, August 3, 2013

Want to Win a Free Mialisia VersaStyle Necklace?

I know I mention my new jewelry endeavor quite often, and so far it has all been SO FUN!  Seriously, I didn't know jewelry could make me so happy... but it does!

In the effort to grow my business and get the word out, I am holding a "Like" challenge on my Facebook page!  I am currently at 84 likes, and I would like to get in a good solid 200.  Several of the other designers have over 1,000!  So I don't think asking for 200 is unreasonable... do you?  And the more the merrier!!

So, this is the plan:  When I reach 200 likes, I will be giving away one of these necklaces (winner's choice):
NOTE:  These pieces above are featured in the video below!!

For a chance to win one of these you must help me out!!  This is what you can do:

1.  Go to my Facebook page, Mialisia by Cat, and like it!

2.  Find the status update with the picture above, and like it  (click here for link!!).  Leave a comment on there and tell me which one you would want if you won!  THEN...

3.  Share the status update with your friends!

That's it!!  As soon as I hit 200, I will announce the winner!!  Hopefully, sooner rather than later!

Thanks so much for all your support.


UPDATE:  I made a video to show off this concept!  Please take a minute and check out what makes this jewelry SO DIFFERENT from anything else out there!!!

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Heidi said...

I love giveaways! Lol, who doesn't. I just love the jewelry, it's so cool how versatile it is, or I should say versastyle. So happy for you and your new endeavor!