Monday, August 5, 2013


For those of you who have no idea what PCSing is, it means the Army has finalized Ben's orders and we are moving!

The Nutshell household is DONE WITH COLLEGE!!!!

That's right!!!  My dear husband is graduating next week, and getting commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army.  And we are set for active duty!
This is Ben's pre-commissioning
pic... so no gold bars yet!

Originally, his orders were for the first week of the new year, in January.  But slots opened and he got bumped up and late last night we were informed that he is to report for duty the first week of Sept.  That gives us just a few weeks to get this household in order and packed up!

Yeah, I am a little stressed.  This will be my first military move.  It's all new to me.  But I am brave, sort of, and I figure it out, eventually.

So Oklahoma here we come!!!  Well, at least for 5 months... then we will be moving again to wherever the station Ben.  I am really grateful that we will be missing tornado season....

It is scary... we just gave our 30 day notice to our housing and Ben's part-time job.  It seems so PERMANENT!  And it makes it all feel so real!  As it should... but I guess we have just lived the student lifestyle for so long, living from pay-check to pay-check it all seems so weird that it is about to change!!

I hope you all will stick around for more of our adventures!  It can only get crazier from here on out right?


PS -- For you PCS pros, what is your best advice for a newbie???


Ariana said...

Hey Cat,

Are they sending over movers for you this time? That helps a TON.

My best advice for getting ready is to start requesting copies of the family's medical records, dental records, and shot records now. It is nice to have them in hand once you get to your new location and it is a PAIN to get anything like that from out of state.

You are so fun and love to talk with everyone, so I know you'll make friends easily wherever you go, and that will make all the difference.

Good luck!

Tara said...

Oh, yeah, definitely do not leave your current location without your medical records in hand. Movers are awesome, but be sure you double, triple check everything they write down before you sign it. I've had several friends find out that the movers wrote down many items as being damaged before the move when they actually weren't. That way if those things did get damaged in the move they couldn't claim them because they had signed that they were already damaged. Ask them what every little code that they write down means. Good luck!

Janelle Vannice said...

Congrats to him for his graduation and commissioning!!! That's so exciting :) My fiancé has ten months left for both of those events, and I am so excited already, so I can only imagine how you're feeling! :)

Janelle @ Wild Blue Yonder

Kassi Babe said...

There are a couple different types of move. The movers come pack it all, full ditty move and partil ditty move. There are some things the movers wont take, ammo, food in glass jars or food in boxes like cereal, boxed potatos, propane tanks. We oped to rent a small uhaul at are cost and move are 4 mos of food storage, ammo, guns, propane tanks, laundry soap and boxed food. U haul gave us a 30 free small unit to put are stuff in at are pcs location, it was offered at the time we picked up the trailer because we mentioned it was a pcs move. Be prepaired to spend a few days in a hotel once you get to your base. It could take up to 4 weeks for your house hold goods to get to you once in the moving System. We made a pcs kit with a hot plate, 2 frying pans, plastic bowls, plates and silverware. For cooking in the room to save money. Most hotels have a mini fridge so we bought 2 days of food to cook and eat at a time. To save money. Its going to be stressfull, but take it as it as it comes and check with who you have home/ renters insurance with and see if they cover goods in transit.

Kassi Babe said...

Oh and try to arrive during day light, man may have to start inprocessing before you get to do anything else. We arrived at midnight with 2 asleep kids and he had to inprocess first, took 3 hrs to get it done and he had to be back there at 8 am to finish.

Ruth said...

So excited for you and your beautiful family!!! I hope with this big change comes thoughts of trying for a girl!!! :) I hope only good things come to you in the future you definitely deserve it!

Kayli Sue said...

How crazy exciting! We are hopefully PCSing next year. Our first PCS was not far at all. So I don't know that I have any tips. But good luck on your next Army adventure!

Chelsea said...

Congratulations! It is so exciting to finally get word on when/where you are going!

I hope that everything goes well! In my limited experience of PCSing (twice), lists were so helpful. It was really nice to have a list of things I needed to do before the movers got there, a list of things I needed to do once we got to our destination, and a list of things that we needed to accomplish at our previous location (such as tricare, medical records, etc.).


Nicole said...

Congratulations! That is exciting news! Hope the move goes well!