Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week #8: Personal Records

I just want to start off by saying I am sorry for getting this update up so late!  I have been out camping and doing the family reunion thing all week and haven't had the best internet connection.  But better late than never right?


One thing I learned about running, and I know I have said this a million times, is that it's a sport in which the only one you are competing with is yourself.  I enjoy keeping track of all my runs and recording my times -- it's the way I can see my improvement and were my weaknesses are so that I can work on them.

I haven't be able to get out and run for a few weeks with my husband gone and the weather being so incredibly hot.  I haven't been able to get away from the kiddos to some serious pavement pounding.  But this week, we went down to my hometown for Pioneer Day and a family reunion.  Everyone gets to see us, and get to take advantage of free babysitters :)

I was, however, really depressed about the fact that my down time could have possibly set me back in my run times.  It was really stressing me out!  I had worked so hard....

My first run was the Pioneer Day Spirit Run 5K.  I signed my boys up to do it again -- and this time my mom and sister decided to join us!!  It was a ton of fun!!  AND I got a 5K PR (Personal Record).

You can't tell we are related right?

Then a couple days later, I decided that I REALLY needed to up my 10K time.  I did one a couple weeks ago and was so far off my goal it almost made me cry.  So yesterday morning I got up at 5:45 am, put on my running gear and headed out on one of the coolest runs ever.

I started on the south end of the town my parents live in (Kanosh), and I ran all the way to the far end of the neighboring town (Meadow) for a total distance of 7.5 miles, or 12 K.  I not only beat my 10 K goal, but I beat my 12 K goal as well!  I was one happy camper!!
Next time I go down there in a couple of weeks, I am going to do this run again... but then I am going to keep running North to the next town, Fillmore, for a full 12 miles!!  Then I will KNOW I am ready for the 1/2 marathon!!!

It's been a great week!!  How about you?


Updates from our challengers:

Lydia biked 37 miles with her sweetheart for their 17th anniversary!  How awesome is that?!

Tuweety reached the GOLD level LAST week!!!  (I just totally spaced it, until today...)  So a BIG WOO HOOOOOO to her!!!  Way to go!!

Jordan writes:
This was a week of mind over matter. I followed my training schedule and when I did a six mile run it was almost impossible to keep one foot moving in front of the other during the last mile. I was so proud of myself for finishing (and grateful for my treadmill that keeps on spinning) when I thought I couldn't do it and wanted to quit. Turns out I was wrong about how many miles I was supposed to go that day and I was only supposed to do five. Oops. But it proves the power of the mind and will because my body certainly wasn't cooperating.
Linda K reached her GOLD this week!!!  YAY!!  Super congrats!


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Where in the US are We?!
Update by Ariana

This week, as we left Nebraska, we ran south through Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and just passed the border into New Mexico. That's 4 more states for a total of 38 of the United States! This week we ran 427 miles, and that brings our total miles to  4,848! That is pretty impressive, people. It's been really motivating for me to watch everyone's progress this summer. I know I've said this before, but I truly enjoy reading about everyone's progress and stories they send into Cat. They keep me motivated and give me ideas for new ways to get in some extra miles and encourage me to keep running even when it's not always easy. Keep on keeping on! We're going to make it!

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Ariana said...

Congrats on all your great running times, Cat! I love the picture of you, your sister, your mom, and your kids at the race. It's so cool that you raced as a family!