Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Challenge Kick Off!!!

Today is the day that we dust off those running shoes, pump those bike tires up, or pull that swimsuit out of the back of your drawers and get moving!!

I am so excited for this challenge this year!  Not only do we have some AWESOME sponsors (to be announced next week) but we have an amazing group of new challengers, former challengers, and kid challengers ready to rack up those miles and get us not only across the US, but perhaps a visit to each continental state!  We can do it!

To kick off this challenge, I have in my hot little hand 5 Free salad gift cards for Chick-fil-A I want to give away to 5 of our challengers.  And the winners are, thanks to

Lindsey M
Linda K

Winners, please email me your mailing info so I can drop these in the mail asap!  They only good through the summer!  Note:  these gifts cards were given to me by a representative from Chick-Fil-A to show support of the military families.

Challengers, the best way to get updates and stuff is through my Facebook page, so pop over and like it and you will get all sorts of reminders, see stories and pictures of other challengers and get updates on whatever else is going on!

We are about 25 people short of our 100 goal, so PLEASE share this challenge with your friends, you don't know who out there needs something to get them up and going.  People can sign up through June 7th.  So it's not too late!!

Let's do this!!!

So, get ready.... get set... GO!!!


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Morhia said...

Exciting! Have fun with it!