Thursday, June 6, 2013

Queen of the Mountain

This week, my boys and I had a wonderful opportunity to attend a family reunion at Snowbird.  We had a blast!
My sister-in-law and me near the end of a 3 mile hike.  I look chubby... lol

The mountains were gorgeous!

Two of my sister-in-laws and my brother-in-law

I really wanted to ride the tram... but didn't get the chance.

Sam giving me "'tude"

Nephi keeping busy in the kiddie pool.

Jacob wouldn't put a toe in the pool, but had a blast finding things and throwing them in.
We got to Snowbird on Sunday night.  On Monday morning, I went for a great 5 mile run.  Later that night, I went hiking with my sister-in-laws and a brother-in-law -- it was fun, a LOT of uphill -- they are all skinny and have super long legs... they cruised up the hills while I was a little slower (But I didn't give up!).

On Tuesday, I went running with my speedy sister-in-law.  She booked it up the hills like it was nothing, but I tell you, the hills at Snowbird and Alta are killers!  Not only were they super steep, but the altitude ranged from 8000 to 9000 ft, where as here in Logan it's 4400 ft, so for anyone training at those altitudes would be hard, but I am beginning runner with asthma.  Leis, my sister-in-law, left me in the dust, and that's okay, I wanted her to get a workout and not let me hold her back.  But I couldn't help but compare myself a little a wonder if I would EVER be able to run up those hills without slowing to a fast walk every now and then.

We got in a good 5 miles, and it felt good, but I wasn't happy with myself.  I moped around a little, and when my in-laws offered to watch my kids so I could go soak in the hot tub I jumped on it.  All the in-laws had been chatting that day about how many laps they had swam that week.  The most was 40 and the least was 20.  I thought I could maybe 30 laps (not lengths).  Now, I used to swim TONS!  I was actually on my college swim team for a year.  But I haven't swam in over 10 years and I was rusty!  I struggled with my asthma BAD, but I pushed myself for the 30... so much, that my limbs were numb and I thought I was going to puke.  I crawled out of the pool in defeat.  What was wrong with me, why do I have struggle like this when it comes so easily for other people?  I moped in the Jacuzzi while listening to potty mouthed teenagers going on about how it's important to speak proper English (I know what a joke! I had to hold in my laughter between each F-bomb).  Then I decided to try out the steam room.  I know that humidifiers give me major asthma attacks, but I know they put stuff in the steam, so maybe I would be okay.

As I sat and did some deep breathing in the steam room, I felt my lungs expand, the feeling and energy returned into my legs and arms, and I felt better after 10 minutes in that steam room than I had felt in a LONG time!  I decided I was going to try for at least 10 more laps in the pool.  But when I got in the pool, I had so much energy that I was able to swim 20 more!  I could have easily done more but the potty mouthed teens came in and took over the pool and I couldn't get past them.  But hey, I did 50 laps!  (In that pool, I figured out after that it was .78 of a mile)

The next morning, I planned to have a day of rest.  I had blisters all over both my little toes from the run the day before, and my legs and arms were a little sore too.  But when my in-laws took my kids for the morning, and the rest took off for a hike up the mountain, I decided that a short run might be good for me.  I looked over at my new running shoes....

And my blisters throbbed just looking at them.

Then I glanced into the other corner, where my old friends sat.  The shoes that had carried me more miles than an others I have owned.  "Well, old friends," I thought, "care for one last run?"
I wrapped my blistered toes up in moleskin, put on my "blister-free" socks, and laced up those faithful friends.  I put on my new water/mp3 player waist pack (I gave in and got one for my trip since my new hydration running pack hadn't come yet in the mail).  And off I went!

My first plan was to conquer the 1 mile of hill that wasted me the day before.  Then I thought I would run back down and call it a day.  But I had renewed energy.  And I had disappointed myself so badly the day before, that I had to show myself that I could do this!!  And guess what?  I did.

And then when I made up 1 mile, I continued up for 2... then 3.  Yep, I ran uphill for 3 miles!  I wasn't fast, but I didn't stop!  And then I kept running around, did a few loops... and kept going.  The furthest I had ever gone here in Logan was 8 miles with no hills.  This day, I went almost 11.

I rocked those mountains!!

Even thinks I am pretty cool too.  In fact, my new title is "Queen of the Mountain".
This is my little picture on -- see that little crown... yeah, I am royal :)
This was my route -- I doubled up on some of the loops to make it longer

This is my elevation and speed -- Look at all those hills!!  You can tell I was dying at the end there!

Yes, you are reading that right... I got two fastest times on certain routes, I got one Queen of the Mountain, and a Queen of the Mountain 5th place overall (which means that 4 men were ahead of me in time and I was the fasted female).

Here were the "routes" that counted
As you can see, I climbed around 1000 feet, a couple times!  Unbelievable!  And I really mean that, because you should have seen the looks on my family's faces when I told them.

I don't look like a runner.  My legs are too short, my belly is round, and I do a little dance every time I met a goal.  You should have seen me rock out when I got to the top of that 3 mile hill... the lady parked in the car did.  She looked at me like I was crazy... and maybe I was... a little.  But I don't give up.  I met my fitness monsters head on, and I do it until I can.

I may have blisters galore and the sunburn from Hades, but gosh darnit I just ran almost 11 miles!!!
Post run pic
post shower and sunburn comes out
And I couldn't be happier!

So, today, the Queen of the Mountain is going to have a day of rest.



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