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Mialisia by Cat

Team Awesome
My sister came up to visit this week with her 4 kids.  It was quite the feat to find a babysitter (or 2) to come watch 7 kids so Amy (my sister) and I could pop over to Mialisia Pre-Launch even that was being hosted here in Logan.

Since this company is SO NEW, we have to go to these things in order to see (and play shamelessly) with the jewelry.  It is SO HARD not to get excited when you see how well made it is and see how FUN it is to play around and create different and new looks.

I have gotten a few messages from people who seem to think that this jewelry concept isn't new.  IT IS!  In fact, they have patents pending for it -- it is THAT different.

Check out this video:

Every piece is adjustable, not just to fit with your neck line or style, but to individualize it to your own look and taste.  Seriously, how many of you have a shirt and a necklace that would go PERFECT together but the neckline is just too high or the necklace is just a little too long or short?  I think we all do!
I know I get ignored A LOT when I post stuff about this jewelry.  I know that basically only a few people share my vision, and hey, that's okay.  I know people are busy with their lives... doing their own thing.  But this SO awesome, I feel like so many people would LOVE this, but aren't giving it a chance.
Take a quick look at the story of how this company was born:
Now, last night, Amy, her sister-in-law Jill, and I got to go to the Logan event.  It was such a blast!  Everyone in that room was buzzing with excitement!  Funny thing is, Amy, Jill and I are the LAST people in the world to get into sales.  So that should tell you something about the faith we have in this company.  We would not:
  • participate in a company with a product we didn't LOVE.
  • even sign up with ones we did believe in like, doTerra.
  • sign up if we didn't like the hostess program or other reward programs.
  • do this, if we didn't think it was FREAKING AWESOME!
Speaking of the hostess program (or as they call it Fashionista Plan) check this out!
Click to make bigger!
All this for just hosting a party!  If my friends approached me with this, I would TOTALLY host a party for them!

Honestly, guys, I wouldn't share this if it wasn't so cool.  I would hate for anyone to miss out on this ground floor amazing opportunity to be a part of something wonderful.

So last night, we played dress up!

My baby sister... yeah, we look NOTHING alike :)

This is Jill, my sister Amy is married to her brother :)

Me looking bloaty. .. no nice way of putting it.  Had a really long run in the heat and swelled me right up!

 I don't any of us slept well last night we were so excited!  And we would LOVE to have you do this with us!  Even if you don't want to sell or even host a party, please keep in mind that you may have friends that would love to.  Sometimes, people just need something in their life to help them get out and meet new people or to just have fun.  I would love it, if you would share this post with other's via social media, it would really mean a lot to me.

For more information on how to join my team, check out my website:
For more pictures, other updates, or you just want to poke around, come see my Facebook page, I would love for you to like it to show your support!

You can also check out my post on how I first made the choice embark on this new adventure, click here!

And you can see what kind of person I am, what kind of salesperson I want to be, and how no matter what, friendship is the most important thing to me!  Click here!

And if you have any questions at all, you can email me @ nutsinanutshell(at)gmail(dot)com.  You can also message me on my Mialisia Facebook page.

Meanwhile, I am sitting here wishing for good karma to come my way!  I use this blog to help others, write about the lessons I learn, and try to motivate people to be better... I also never say no to helping a friend's small business.  I am hoping this blog will bring me some luck too! -Cat
Amy and me with national designer, Arianne Morgan and President and Founder Sean Brown

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