Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why I LOVE Running Alone

When the boys are in school, and it's just me, Ben, and the little guy, we love a good run together.  Ben usually wears his 40 pound ruck and pushes the stroller and I run next to him.  It's a blast... but I wouldn't want to do it everyday.  Why?  Because as much as I love spending fitness time with my loved ones, sometimes I just need ME time... and spending that ME time running is the BEST way to spend it!

Running is the Perfect Time to Meditate:

When it's just me and the road, I feel free!  I can clear my head and count my blessings.  I come up with my best ideas when I run, and also have some of my most meaningful and heartfelt prayers when I run.

I Can Run at my own Pace:

No one can push me better than I can myself.  I know my limits and I know how to push them.  Someone running next to me yelling at me to run faster just ticks me off and makes me want to stop.  My best times are when I am alone.  My best experiences are also when I am alone.

When I am Alone, I am Running Only for Me:

I can wear whatever I want, my shoes can look like total garbage, and there is no one to judge me.  There are no runners passing me by, there are no meanie weenies around laughing at me telling me I can't do it.  Every step I take is all me, and it's all up to me how far I will run.  And if my butt is bouncing, there is no one to see it...

I can Listen to Music:

It is really hard for me to chat with friends while running.  Especially, with asthma.  I have to literally count my breaths with my steps so I don't get side cramps.  And it's totally rude to put in your headphones when your buddy is there and wants to chat... know what I mean?  If I found a buddy that didn't want to talk too, that would be okay... but girls are chatty. ESPECIALLY me.  I can't stand to not chat with the person next to me!!  When I run alone, I put in my headphones, and not worry about it.  I can listen to what I want to and no matter how geeky the song is, no one will know it pumps me up!  AND I can't forget to mention that I run the fastest times when I have music... it motivates me to keep going when I want to quite.  Music is powerful.

Don't get me wrong, a great run with Ben or a friend is fun.  But I don't want to do it all the time.  I guess the main point of this post is to not be afraid to do things by your self.  I know SO many women who won't exercise if they can't have a friend with them.  When I am out running, just about ALL the women I see these days have a buddy with them. (There is one woman I see running around alone, though.)  Dare to run alone once in a while, even with a stroller you can be alone in your head.  I promise you this, you will come to know yourself better than ever before if you do.  It's amazing!!

So go run!
... and remember:  If you are still wearing makeup when your done, your not running hard enough!


PS Don't forget to join the challenge!  If anything can motivate you get out this will!!!  I am taking on new challengers up until the 7th of June, so spread the word!  (We would really 100 challengers this summer.  So far we have around 60.)

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