Monday, May 13, 2013

The Color Vibe 5K

When I first signed up for this a few months ago, I thought for sure I could get a team together to run it with me.  It wasn't timed -- just a fun run for charity.  But my friends just really weren't into doing it... like at all.  I got one friend on board, she invited another, then backed out.  So I buddied up with this new found friend, and we gave it a go!

I had meet her before, because our boys go to school together, but we didn't really get to know each other until this 5K came up and we started chatting a bit on Facebook.  She even invited Ben and I to do the Man vs. Mud 5 K in August after we run the half marathon.

I just LOVE meeting people with similar interests!  It's the best!

Even though we only had two of us on our team, I went ahead and made us some t-shirts:

I knew it was only a 5K, but I had concerns about the paint and my asthma.  And for a week I seriously had anxiety about doing it.  I didn't want my new friend to think I was a wuss.  But I sucked up my anxiety and went for it anyway.
She got the headbands and bandannas for our asthma issues (she struggles with it too!)
I was also worried that my new friend would think I was too slow.  I have run with others before and they always got discouraged with me over my pace.  I have had people jump around me telling me to "keep going" and I "could do it!" -- which works opposite for me... it makes me want to walk.  I don't like people up in my face when I know my body better than anyone.  The only person who can push me, is me.  Really, truly... otherwise, I just want to punch some faces.  So I was worried I was going to run too slow and my new friend might be one of these well-meaning weenies.

But she wasn't.  She was great!  Such a good sport and we had a blast!

We actually did really well.  Most the people there were walkin' folk.  I tell you, it did wonders to my self-esteem to pass up so many people.  We were actually passing people from the first heat who took off 15-20 minutes BEFORE we did.  Feeling pretty pumped after, we congratulated ourselves on our great run by dancing with college kids.  We totally owned Y.M.C.A.

I am looking forward to MUCH more fun runs this summer!  Do you have a fun one planned?
I love the sweat stains... hahaha


Brittney said...

I did the Color Run and we are doing the Color Vibe next month! So fun!

aggiefamily said...

I'm so glad you guys hit it off! i wish i was able to make it i had to back out of the wedding also in Colorado because of the van, and also because of school. Sigh.

Samantha said...

A color run sounds so much fun! Also, I think you look so amazing in your pictures. :)

Cat said...

Thanks, Samantha! All my running and training have really helped build up my muscle, lower my body fat, but at the same time, I still feel like I pretty much still look the same! lol :) So it's nice when someone says nice things :)

Janelle Vannice said...

That looks fun! I love fun runs like that! I am looking forward to my second Color Run... coming up in September! I have a half marathon in July, though, and I'm trying to find a way to make t more "fun" for myself! :)

Amy said...

So awesome Cat, you are amazing :D

Alicia said...

Hey Cat! I haven't checked blogs in almost 2 years. I just happened to get on my blogger to look up something and decided to start looking over some blogs. I have to tell you, you look absolutely amazing. This post struck my attention because I just signed up for a color me rad race next month. I used to run all the time and when I had my third baby, I decided being fat and lazy was more fun! (Not) so it's time to get my butt in gear. Keep up the great work and being an inspiration to us all! BTW, where did you print your t shirts?