Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sucked in by a Nice Piece of Bling!

I hate selling things.  If I could make a list of top things I HATED to do, selling stuff would be in the top 5... nestled snugly under cutting off a finger and giving birth naturally, and just over looking for a babysitter.  Yeah, top 5 things I hate to do.

Honestly, opening my Etsy site and trying to sell hats and stuff was painful.  But circumstances forced me to step up to help pay the bills.  It worked.  But I hated doing it.  I hated trying to get people to buy my stuff... I hated charging them... when really, I just wanted to crochet for fun and give stuff away.  I love giving stuff away!

So when my friends approach me to sell things like Mary Kay, doTerra, Avon, Vitimin pills or whatever, I shut down.  I don't dislike them and I don't let it ruin our friendship, because to me NOTHING in this world is more important than family and friends and good relationships.  I don't have anything against those products.  In fact, I use just about all of them.  I support my friends whole heartily and buy stuff from them and I send people their way.  I enjoying helping out.  AND I LOVE my essential oils!!  Not to mention Pampered Chef -- can't live without my pizza stone and mixing bowls!!  But I don't want to sell it.  No thanks.

So when I got this email from my good friend, Natalie about a business opportunity, I did the big eye roll.  I don't know why everyone wants me to sell their stuff.  Everyone knows how I feel about it!  But she gave me the whole "Don't be a butt head, Cat, please just show a little support and listen in on a phone conference "  Although, she said it so much more nicely.  I thought about skipping it and just saying I listened in... but then I started feeling guilty about being a turd.  So I did it.  I called the number, typed in the entry code or whatever they call it and listened in on a conference call with 50 other people all over the US.

The company is called Mialisia.  And they are going to sell jewelry.  My first thought: there are a million of those companies.  Then they started telling their story and how they started and what made their jewelry different from others.  It is completely adjustable.  You can mix and match and redesign each set to meet your fashion needs.  Hmmm... that was kind of cool.  Here is a quick video of what one set can do so you can picture what I am talking about:
They also explained how they started at craft fairs and sold out quickly.  They couldn't keep up with Etsy orders either.  So they decided to expand... and now they were trying to find people to help sell.  The company has yet to launch.  It is just in the beginning phases.  But you could apply and get a top slot held for you now.

Blah Blah Blah... it was nice and all... but I don't want to sell anything.  In fact, I recently closed my etsy shop and sent all my business to my sister or friend Heidi who does the crochet blog with me.  Besides, I am WAY too busy.  I got my fitness challenge coming up.  I got all my races... we are moving this fall to Oklahoma (I know, a little scary considering what is going on there right now).  I just have too much going on to worry about this.  AND the biggest reason I hate selling things, is that I am afraid of losing friends.  My friendships are WAY more important to me than any money.  I really truly feel that way.

So I told my friend, thanks but no thanks.  And I thought that was it.

Then I just had to tell Ben.

Ben had grown up on this kind of stuff.  His family had sold all sorts of stuff growing up.  He learned all about successful things and scams and to top it off he took some finance and business classes in college that talked all about businesses like this.  Not to mention that before we got married he had had a bad experience and so both of us had no interest in things like it.

But then I told Ben it was just starting and that it hadn't been launched yet.  I told him not to worry, I wasn't going to do it... I know how he felt when he thought I wanted to sell doTerra (which I didn't, but he thought I did), so I assured him I was passing on it.  Then he flew out of his seat (yeah, he really did, it was pretty amazing to see) and yelled: "Are you freaking crazy?!  Do you have any idea what kind of opportunity this is?!  You would be at the top of the ladder!!  That's like once in a lifetime opportunity!  Take it!!!"  I was confused.  What?  Then he started making all these graphs and explaining it to me.

I still wasn't too convinced.  So for a couple days I put it out of my mind.  Then two nights ago I dreamed about it all night.  No kidding.  Then all day yesterday I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I thought, well, it was only $50 to get one of the "founding" slots (there are only 500), and then to purchase the starting Party Package it was $500.  They said that if you got other people on, you would earn $50 credit toward that package... but I put no stock in finding anyone who would do it.  Not that I don't trust myself... but I don't like to pressure my friends into anything.  And I can't even get people to join my fitness challenge, let alone make a business investment.  So then I thought, well, I could just invest the $500 and then at least sell what I had if I didn't like it and get that money back that way right?

So I talked to Ben again.

He was SO for doing it.  He told me that I needed to take chances (like signing up for the Ragnar wasn't a huge chance) to see cool things happen.  So I gave in.  I called my friend, Natalie, and told her we would give it a go.  She was shocked!  She knew how I was.  But she was so thrilled.  We talked on the phone for about an hour and she answered all my questions.  Then she told me to do what I hate doing the most:  share it with my friends.  AHHHHH physical and mental agony.

"Cat, you would be selfish not to share this opportunity," she basically told me... being a little nicer, but I read between the lines.  She then emailed me a bunch of stuff.  Flyers, pictures, the contract, everything I needed to know and more.  Ben and I read through EVERYTHING.  Twice.  I was still having a really hard time being sold on this whole new adventure.

I mean, come on.  ME?  Selling jewelry?  I hardly even wear it myself!  My kids are always losing what I do have and I can't ever afford the things I really want.  I don't even know how to match it... I am the least fashionable person around.  And as I looked through the pictures she sent, I just felt so clueless... I wasn't even sure if what I was looking at was fashionable.... I know, I am such a dork.

Then I saw this:
Click picture for larger view!
The woman hidden within me flew to the surface .. I was in love.  I HAD to have that!  It would look SO amazing with my scarf I made a while back (which is a HUGE hit on Pintrest in the Doctor Who fan pages, by the way)...  Okay, maybe I could do this after all.  Maybe.

So I sat at my computer staring at my Facebook Page.  The ominous question hung in the air: "What's on your mind?"  How could I share this with my friends without getting unfriended and shunned.  It took me two hours, no joke, to compose a status update to share.  This is what I came up:
I never, ever, EVER do this! So not me. And I wouldn't even mention it, but I would feel bad not sharing. I have come across an AMAZING business opportunity. Perfect for those of you stay at home mom's who would like to earn a little extra money (or more). I honestly can't believe this landed in my lap, and am so excited about it. (Ben even more than me...) Have you ever wondered if what life would be like if you were one of the first to start Avon, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, doTerra, etc? If you want to know more, let me know and I will send you the information for a soon-to-be-launched company and how you can be a part of it. (No, you don't have to unfriend me... I am not going to try to get you to buy anything. This is not a scam. I just really want to help out anyone who is looking for something). That's it!

I left it open.  I didn't tell them what it was... I just wanted to spark some curiosity.

Now, it is really hard for me to get people interested in anything.  It is like pulling teeth to get people to join the fitness challenge... and I couldn't get anyone to run the 5K with me a couple weeks ago, until I met Liz.  Even getting people to enter giveaways or come over and read my blog... it's rough.  So I was prepared for the proverbial Facebook crickets.  What I didn't expect was to be sending out emails until 1 in the morning!  People were WAY more interested than I was... wow.  I guess anything to do with money is cool.

And I didn't lie.  I am really excited about it, just scared.  Things like this are super hard for me.  But I guess this is the summer for reaching out of my comfort zone and taking on new challenges.  Who knows, it might just be AMAZING and I will love it!

So now, just so you can never call me selfish (lol), I am telling you all about this opportunity.  If you want, email me (nutsinanutshell(at)gmail(dot)com) and I will send you the information so you can check it out.  If you want to know even more, there will be another conference call you can listen in on Friday, 24th of May, tomorrow, at 5:15 Mountain Time, just like I did.  Here is the info: The phone number to call is 559-726-1300 and the access code is 699461# -- if you choose to announce yourself (I didn't) you can say I sent you.

Also, if you are in the SLC/Provo Utah area, they are holding a little open house thing at Thanksgiving Point tonight.  I am going to go... so not another thing that is me... but my sister lives there and I bribed her with her favorite food to watch my kids :)  Here is the flyer:
Click flyer to make larger
Anyway, that is my spill.  Even if you aren't interested, stick around, come back and visit us still... because if I get good with this I may just have to do some giveaways :)


UPDATE:  My Facebook page is up!!  Come check it out and like it!

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