Friday, May 24, 2013

Hip to Be Square: Four Staple Fashion Items for the Hipster Look

A guest post by Maire Hunter

Like most parents out there, you're probably not completely sure what defines a hipster. The title embodies a whole culture of general music taste, eating habits and lifestyles, but you don't have to worship The Smiths just to get the look. The hipster look can range anywhere from nerdy and conservative to punk rock and risque, with various levels in between. For parents who want to help their children achieve this look in an appropriate and budget-friendly way, read on for four hipster staple fashion items.

1. Thick Black-Framed Glasses

Prescription or not, glasses are the ultimate hipster accessory to capture that nerdy, mysterious look that's signature of hipster fashion. The hipster look also tends to have a more laid back element to it, so wearing glasses as opposed to contacts expresses a carefree and confident nature. If non-prescription lenses feel too silly, go with circle style, John Lennon style sunglasses for the same effect.

2. Cuffs

Bold jewelry is always in style among hipsters, and this year's trendy cuff bracelets can't get much bolder. She can rock this classic style with a graphic tank featuring her favorite band, some cut-off denim shorts and studded loafers to keep the punk look going. For an even edgier look, gold spike bracelets are especially big on the hipster scene today, and pair nicely with colorful cuffs.

3. Anything From the Thrift Store

The best part about hipster fashion is that it's supposed to embody a simple, low-cost lifestyle. Thrift stores are a favorite fashion spot for this group, which is guaranteed to have prices at a fraction of what you'd find at stores like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. Look for novelty vintage fashion items that will make her wardrobe stand out. Better yet, dig through your old high school closet for some gems you won't believe are back in style.

4. Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Hipster style is closely linked to the bohemian look, which is essentially just 60s hippie fashion. With the new trend of maxi dresses and skirts, parents can avoid those dreaded hemline arguments because these styles are about as conservative as it gets. All she needs is a cute graphic tee, a fringed handbag and a braided hippie headband to complete this effortlessly chic look.Although some hipster styles can get a little extreme, the fashion trend is mostly good news for parents. For the most part, the style is age-appropriate, cost-efficient and overall pretty nice looking. Not to mention, the culture itself promotes positive behaviors, such as reading, creating/appreciating art, living a greener lifestyle and eating an ethical and sustainable diet. It might not be the style you would choose, but hey, at least they're not wearing bell bottoms!

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