Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Great Tips on Re-Using Cardboard Boxes

A guest post by Brittney Lee

So I online shop a lot. I also work at a moving service, U-Pack Moving. This means I’m constantly surrounded by boxes. I know many of you reading are parents (and many military families), so maybe you too are swimming in boxes from online shopping or moving. What to do with all that cardboard? Sure, you can just plop it in the recycle bin, but I have some more fun ideas!

Last Halloween, I found some awesome costumes made with boxes. Your kids would LOVE a dress up day where they could make their own costumes and reuse the boxes. I love the Lego costume, where you just paint a box a solid color and attach plastic cups for the connectors. So fun!

Another neat idea is to use the boxes as playroom toys! You could easily take a giant box and create a play kitchen with it. Cut a flap for the oven door, paint on some stovetop marks, knobs, and more! Play kitchens can be pricey, but your kids will love helping create their own! You could even take it a step further and make an entire kitchen using boxes. Check out the one featured on Apartment Therapy!

My favorite way to reuse boxes is to make holiday décor. I’m a holiday junkie. I love to decorate for each holiday – but buying all those decorations can get pricey. Blogger Lindsay at That Village House used boxes for her Christmas décor, creating a great Christmas present sculpture for her porch. So simple, but makes a really strong statement. And the base was just cardboard boxes! Genius!

I promise with a little creativity (and maybe some searching on Pinterest) you’ll find some awesome ways to reuse those cardboard boxes you have lying around. Happy crafting!

Brittney is a moving specialist, blogger, Zumba instructor, and social media junkie. She also has an online shopping habit and a cute doggie son, Mikey. 

A quick note from Cat:  We re-use a lot of our boxes by flattening them out and laying them under our cars in the garage.  We have old vehicles and they leak, the boxes soak in the oil or other fluids and keeps our garage floor clean.

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