Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mission: Complete!

Well, I survived!

Some parts were harder than I thought, others not so much.  I thought the 35 pound ruck run was going to kill me, but I did it!  Had a harder time on some of the others, mainly because I got REALLY worn out near the end!!  This body was not built like a soldier!  But I will tell you, I gained a whole new appreciation for my husband and all he does.

For those of you who missed the post yesterday, click here.  The rest read on!  Here are the things we had to do:

(1) Bowie Knife throw; (2) litter carry; (3) buddy carry; (4) ruck march; (5) tire flip/low crawl/grenade toss; (6) one-rope bridge crossing; (7) five-gallon water-can carry; (8) slip 'n slide.

My team was all in pretty good shape.  Although I have been working on my fitness for some time now, these ladies had YEARS on me.  I felt a little bad because several times I kept them back a little.  The school had just mowed the lawns, and my asthma was NOT going for that.  And honestly, I am not a little woman, I still have some weight on me, lots of muscle, but still some weight and it held me back.  But I pushed myself the best I could.

We came in 4th place overall.  Which sounds cool, but there were only 5 teams competing :)  But we did come in first for all women teams!  Go us!  There was a team of all college girls that we beat by a few minutes.  We might not have, only they choose to do the water jugs last and it was hard for them.

It was really challenging and fun.  I am glad that did it.  I only wish Ben could have been there, but it was the last day of classes and he couldn't.  But he is still proud of me for doing it and not quitting   He is reason I did it anyway.  I am not into the whole girl power thing, but I AM into doing everything I can to support Ben, his career, the choices and the sacrifices he has made for our family.  When things got hard and I wasn't sure if I could take another step, I would say to myself  "Do it for Ben! Come on Cat!! Remember this is for Ben!" And I was able to press on to the finish!  

Although, I didn't make it out unscathed...

When we were doing the low crawl with a weapon, the string on the weapon kept catching on something on my pants and kept jamming my arm.  I have some nasty looking bruises on my left forearm from that.  The litter carry put a huge bruise on my neck, and on the slip 'n slide... I was flying so fast down the thing that I flipped over and jammed my big toe really hard.  Talk about embarrassing!  I totally sucked it up though as long as I could but when I felt it swelling up in my shoe, I took it off then made a dash for the car as soon as the awards were given out.

So today I am taking it easy.  Foot up. Ice on my toe. And a crochet project.  Not to mention the sweet satisfaction that I attempted something SO VERY out of my comfort zone, that I am surprised I made there in the first place without passing out in fear -- and did it!

And one day, I might even do it again!

PS-- We got extra points for face paint... we weren't really doing it to be cool or silly.  All for the extra points... but it was fun anyway :)  Ben says I rock camo face paint... but then again, he thinks I rock everything.


Janelle Vannice said...

This looks like so much fun!! :)

Ech and Will said...

You are such a bamf! That's awesome!

Executive Protection Security Services said...

this looks like so crasy..