Monday, April 1, 2013

How to Host a Slumber Party Every Girl Will Love

A Guest Post by Maire Hunter

Is your daughter begging to host a slumber party? Before you down a dose of headache reliever, plan a party that keeps everyone entertained. You and your daughter—along with her friends—will enjoy the party more if you’re organized and prepared beforehand.

Choose a Theme

What is your daughter’s primary interest? Maybe she’s into music. Throw a themed slumber party with dancing, karaoke and an air band contest. If soccer is her passion, ask the guests to wear black and white and serve only black or white food items. You could also host a backwards party where everyone wears their clothes backwards and you eat dessert for dinner and dinner for breakfast.

No matter which theme you choose, plan decorations, entertainment and snacks around your theme.

Provide Entertainment

Little girls have tons of energy, but the party will bomb quickly if the guests grow bored. Plan plenty of games and activities to keep everyone entertained.

Start with a game. It breaks the ice, calms nerves and sets the tone for the evening. Pin the Crown on the Mermaid, Pictionary or Twister helps everyone feel comfortable, especially if some of the girls don’t know each other well.

After an ice-breaking game, move on to a craft. Paint pillowcases, plant flower seeds in yogurt containers or make homemade soap. These activities are fun, and the guests will have a souvenir to take home in the morning.

Most girls love playing dress-up, so give them nail polish and some play makeup to apply on themselves or each other. Then they can dress up in costumes, tiaras, cuffs and heels. Take pictures of each guest and print them out so the girls can create their own scrapbooks.

Let the guests keep their costumes on and show off their improv skills with group skits. Divide the girls into groups and hand out large paper bags filled with at least five or six unrelated items. Use your imagination to fill the bags with objects from around the house. Watch the girls create a wacky skit and stay entertained.

Prepare Snacks

When the girls grow hungry, feed them. Instead of serving prepared snacks, let the guests make their own. Each guest can make a pizza using an English muffin and toppings. For dessert, consider letting partygoers decorate cookies, make their own sundaes or decorate cake pops.

Eventually, your daughter and her guests will fall asleep, but keep them entertained until then. With a plan in place before the party begins, your guests will have fun and you might just enjoy yourself, too.

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