Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hero Hair

Sam came home from school today a little disheartened and super grumpy.  He was refusing to do his homework and just wanted to sit and pout a little and shoot nasty comments at his brothers.  Basically, he was acting like a little teenager, and that was just not my Sam.

So I sat down and asked him what was bothering him.  He told me that the girl that he "loved" didn't love him back.  Turns out she likes his best friend.

Sam used to tell me lots about this friend of his, but when I finally met him I was actually surprised.  This best friend of Sam's had all that kid-stud swagger, the perfectly styled hair, and all the cool toys.  Sam is, well, just like his dad and I were at that age... a little bit nerdy.  Don't get me wrong, we LOVE nerds.  And Sam is such a cutie.  But we tend to raise our kids up like ourselves, and Ben and I are total nerds, and so we rub off on our kiddos.  I never worried about it, because I make sure the boys have good hygiene  look clean cut, and have clean clothes and underwear.  However, they love Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and would rather read books than play video games... sometimes.

Here was my little Sam, only 7 years old, and already faced rejection from his little crush.  I asked him why he thought she liked this other boy:

"She told me, Mom.  He has super cool hair.  I don't."  My heart broke.  Really?
"Did you tell her how super cool you are!?  How you get perfect grades, can read hard books, Irish dance?  Does she know how super cool and sweet you are?"  I asked him.  He rolled his eyes.
"It doesn't matter.  J has super cool hair, and mine is stupid."  My stomach lurched and I said a little prayer that I would know what to say.
"Sam," I said. "Do you know why I cut your hair that way?"
"Because it's how Daddy's hair is?"
"Yes, but do you know why Daddy has his hair like that?"
"No. Because he is an Army Guy?"
"Well, yes, but also because that is the way heroes cut their hair.  Thousands of heroes go out and fight for our freedom and the freedom of others everyday wearing that haircut.  You should feel special because YOU have Hero Hair!"  His face lit up!
"Really, Mom?"
"Yep, that's right.  And next time those girls act stupid because they don't like your hair you tell them, 'I have the haircut of Heroes, and if you don't get that, then you are just a dumb girl.'"  I got a huge hug and kiss.  Then to top it off, we put on some music and did the kitchen boogie!  Don't ask...
The point is, that all our children are different, and very precious in their own ways.  I am constantly reminded that they need to be reminded of that often and told just how special they are.


PS The BIG reason I cut their hair short in the spring and summer is because their hair is so think and infested with cowlicks (inherited from both their parents) that they either are too hot all the time or their hair is totally out of control and even product doesn't help.  But I will let them feel like they are my little heroes, because they are!


Momza said...

You Win the "Drops of Awesome Mom" Award for the Day!!
True Inspiration there for your sons!
I'm off to find the clippers and my son! Thanks!

Cat said...

Momza - Awesome! We could start a summer movement! "Show your support for the troops, shave your boys hair!" lol :)

PS Thanks for the award :)

Ech and Will said...

I'm SO going to borrow the hero hair idea if I ever have a son. Poor Sam, crushes and heartbreaks are always rough.