Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Closing the Gap: Understanding your Service(wo)man: A Book Review

Have you ever known a military spouse to complain that their "civilian" friends and family just don't understand their lifestyle or what they are going through?  If we know military people at all, we have ALL heard it at least once.  The gap between military life and civilian life is the Grand Canyon of gaps, and most times people just don't see that.

It's hard to stay tactful when people say things offensive when you KNOW they are only trying to be supportive or they don't understand, and it's just as hard for civilian family and friends to do the same.  Before we were Army, my sister in law was complaining about something Army, and I wasn't very simpatico --  I told her she chose the life, and to suck it up -- not so much in those words, but that is what I meant and she knew it.  We didn't really talk to each other again until Ben enlisted and I went to her for some advice.

Now, that I am Army, I still agree with the fact that we chose the lifestyle, and now I have to lay in that proverbial bed, but I don't think anyone REALLY understands what they are getting into until you actually have to live it.  No matter what we tell our family and friends most often than not, they aren't going to understand and we aren't going to understand why they don't!

So when Yvonne Jones contacted me about her new book called: Closing the Gap: Understanding your Service(wo)man, I was fascinated.  I wondered if she could really pull off, what seemed to me and impossible task.

She had me at page 1.  And her book is absolutely brilliant!  She is firm, but tactful.  She explains military life in such a simplistic way anyone can understand it.  She was even explaining things that I had never thought of explaining to anyone.  She covers EVERYTHING you can possibly think of!  From how orders are made, to what our servicemen and women go through on deployments, how they change when they are gone, how it's rarely our choice where we live or where the military sends us.  She covers myths and misconceptions, military culture and everything else.

What I also liked was that she also helped to remind me of how I was before the Army, and how I needed to be more patient with family and friends.

This book is FABULOUS for anyone who has a military person in their life! A big thanks to Yvonne Jones for thinking of us!!


PS:  You can find her webpage here with more information on how to purchase her book.

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