Thursday, April 18, 2013

Benefits of Running with Kids

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Running is something we as parents either hate or love. It is possible for a sports parent to have no great love of running itself, as we are more concerned with the future of our children than our own fitness. You could change that however if you are not into it as the benefits of proper exercise cannot be denied. Running is something a lot of people get into to lose weight or to build up endurance, however there are more positive things to it than just that. We have prepared this small list of what you will experience while you run. You should do so with your children so you can help them and help yourself along the way:

  • Keeping your weight under control
It is widely known that running is one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do to promote weight loss or simply stay at your current weight. Depending on your weight you may want to start slow, gradually extending the range of your running and maybe even using weights to make it harder.

  • You can prevent bone and muscle loss
The human body is an adaptive system. Although many of these adaptations happen over the course of many years, the body will accommodate for its environment within reason. If you don't move around much your muscles will begin to atrophy, your bones will weaken and your overall endurance will drop dramatically. Regular exercise keeps us not only fit, but it also helps stave off aging as it keeps our bodies flexible and operational.

  • Helps us fight disease
Regular running helps keep your heart healthy, keeping strokes away. It can also help in keeping breast cancer away as well. For many doctors regular running has become an option for treatment of the early stages of osteoporosis and diabetes. It lowers the blood pressure and strengthens your heart. Running helps your arteries remain flexible as they contract during exercise a whole lot more than they do while at rest.

  • Maintains and improves your health
Regular running has the benefits of reducing the risks of blood clots, using the full capacity of your lungs that usually doesn't get used in our daily lives, boosts your immune system by creating more white blood cells and it raises HDL.

  • It raises your confidence
The reason for that are the natural endorphins our body produces through regular exercise as well as other activities. That is only part of the picture however. You learn to fight hardship and to never give up in the face of difficulties and pain, allowing you to become stronger both mentally and physically. It gives you a sense of freedom.

  • It helps relieve stress
Running allows you to escape your troubles for awhile, letting you focus on yourself and your internal dialogue. You can alternate speed runs for working out aggression and frustration, while long jogging allows you to think about other things while your body works out.

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Rachel Page said...

It is incredible how much my endurance has changed and that I went from having to stop and walk all the time to being able to do three miles straight! The body is so adaptable.