Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Roller Coaster of a Week!

... and it's only Wednesday!

I would say that this week has been bad, and it has, but there have been some amazing things happen too.  Like behind every trial comes a blessing to keep us afloat.  It's just hard sometimes to think of the happy things when so much garbage is being flung around as well.


I had been working all weekend to get my house in tip top shape because we had housing inspections on Monday.  Ben had drill, so he wasn't around and the boys were like hurricanes!  It was a huge challenge for me to get it all done on my own with the powers that be-boys were dead set against me.  But I did it.  I felt pretty super.  I passed inspection and was having a great day.  Until I had to go pick up Nephi's medication. One thing I hate about this world is the minority of dishonest people that ruin things for the rest us folks.  It is really time consuming to have to pick up Nephi's written prescription from the doctor's office... I actually have to sign for it.  Then I have to drop it off at the pharmacy, which then takes a day or two to fill -- no joke.  They have to special order it.  It's a good thing I have insurance through the military (which we pay for because we are reserves -- but it is fantastic insurance) because his monthly prescription is $200 without it!

So I go through all the picking up and dropping off and waiting a day and picking up again.  We finally get home, and I am getting out of the car and the bag that has the prescription in busts out the bottom, and the medicine, which comes in a stupid glass bottle, shatters all over the garage floor.  So what did I do?  Well, first I started crying my eyes out.  I was tired, it had been a LONG weekend, I just busted $200 dollars of medicine all over the pavement, and I was pretty sure Ben wasn't going to be happy with it.  Also, it was medication for my little guy!  Could I get more?!  There was no way I could be covered for a second bottle. The more I thought about it, the more I cried.

I called the pharmacy.  They said they could sell me more with a prescription, but that my insurance wouldn't cover it.  I called the doctor.  They wrote me out a new one, and gave me a coupon for a hundred dollars off.... it's better than nothing right?

I was upset about it all night and could hardly sleep.

Trial: breaking medicine and having to fork out the big bucks for another.
Blessing: that they will even let us get a refill at all! AND I tried the cauliflower rice thing, and it turned out great and all my boys liked it!


I went through the whole prescription process again.  I didn't have to wait a day because I had the pharmacy order it the night before.  So I went through the whole process picking up Nephi somewhere in the middle, and we ended up there at the pharmacy.  Turns out the coupon wouldn't work because Nephi isn't 6 yet... he will be in a month though.  So they started to charge me the $200 and my spirits were low.  Then when all hope felt lost, one of the pharmacists came over and said: "I don't want to get your hopes up, but some insurances cover a one time loss per year.  Not many do it, but it wouldn't hurt to give them a call and see."  He did.  AND THEY DID!  They covered it!!  I was SO HAPPY I could hardly sit still and my face started hurting from grinning too much.

All's well that ends well, right?  Wrong.

I took Nephi and Jake to Kneaders to celebrate after I made the pharmacists put the medication in a plastic bottle. As we pulled out and headed home, a cop pulled us over.  I was pretty sure it was because one of my break lights had gone out and I hadn't fixed it yet.  But I always promised myself that if I ever got pulled over, I would own up to my choices, and pay the consequences   I owed it to my boys to always show an example of responsibility and honesty.  I smiled and greeted the officer kindly.  The then informed me that my van wasn't registered and that it had expired last Oct.  What the heck!?  No way.  I could have sworn that Ben had had it done.  It had been in the shop 3 times since then and even towed!  How could no one have noticed!?  He rechecked the system for me, and nope no registration.  I was MORTIFIED!  Being raised by a cop, myself, I was usually really on top of this kind of stuff.  I told him that the vehicle was registered to my dad and he usually helped me out.  But then I told him that it was my fault.  I should have been more on top of things and that I was really sorry but prepared to face the consequences.  He was a little speechless for a second, then told me that normally he would impound my van and write me a ticket.  I nodded holding back the tears.  He glanced behind me where Nephi and Jake were sound asleep in the back seat.  Then he said that today, he wasn't going to do that.  He did write me out a citation and I had to get my van registered asap and then go to court next week and get it paid or dismissed.  Guess we will see.  But he told me to try not to drive it because most cops aren't as forgiving.  He was a really nice guy.

So off we went with a citation.  I called my mechanic and set up an appointment later that afternoon for a safety inspection.

Finally, I got the inspection done.  Teased my mechanics for not noticing it wasn't registered... and had all my paper work ready to take to the county assessors office to get a sticker on Wednesday morning.

Trial: Got pulled over and given a citation that have to take to court.
Blessing: insurance covered Nephi's meds, van didn't get towed, and safety inspection passed. And I got a FANTASTIC run in!


I was feeling great when I woke up this morning.  Ben had just called me to tell me he did really good on his PT test, YAY, and the boys were up and getting ready.  I got everyone dropped off at school and Jake and I headed off to the county building to get our sticker.

I was in there maybe 15 minutes after they opened.  I was the only customer, and all 12 ladies sitting around pretty much ignored me as we stood on the wait-here-line.  Like they had better things to do.... seriously?  I stood there for about 5 minutes before one called me over.

Now, I wouldn't describe her looks if she was a nice person.  But she was a total beast!  The worker was around 400 pounds, she looked Native American descent, and had once of the crustiest looks of disdain smeared across her face.  I smiled and greeted her nicely, like I always do, and she just snatched my paper work.

"Oh my gosh!  Are you kidding me!?" She snapped at me.  "Your registration expired in OCTOBER!! That was LAST YEAR!" She spat at me like I totally and completely disgusted her.  Her lip curled up in contempt.  

"I know that.  There was a mix up in communication with my dad and husband.  But I am working really hard to get it all taken care of."  I said nicely through my forced smiled.

"I can't believe you didn't get your vehicle impounded!" She snapped rudely.  Then she gave me the full body look over.  Now I am not a hot mama by any means, but my long blond hair was braided over my shoulder and running has fine tuned me a bit. (Not too much, but I definitely looked better than she did sitting there with her full sized bag of potato chips).  So there she is looking me up and down, then rolls her eyes, and muttered, "Figures!"  Okay, that was offensive.  She was totally judging me by my looks.  Like I used my blond white girl charm to get out of an impound.  Like having sleeping babies in the back seat, the vehicle not registered in my name, and all the Army stickers in the back window might have had nothing to do with the cop taking it easy on me, not to mention that I was more than willing to take responsibility for my actions and face the consequences.  She was being totally inappropriate and rude.  I wanted to open a can of attitude and tell her what she could do with her judgments.  But she did have the sticker power and was a county worker.  I didn't want to get arrested or anything, and I sure as heck didn't want to set a bad example to my kids.

So, instead I just smiled and said that I must just be lucky.  I snatched up my sticker paid for it and wished her a nice day... all the while wanting to smack her in the face.  I hate it when up happy people take out there issues on total strangers.  Good grief.  It's times like these I like to believe in Karma....

Now, it's only noon.  I know this day isn't over yet and probably filled with more surprises  but I have to say that no matter all that has happened, I am still pleased with myself in the mature way I handled things all around... except the crying over spilt medication... that wasn't too mature, but I just couldn't help it!

Trial: horrible beast at the registration office
Blessing: got my sticker!  Ben passed his PT with a high score!  And was a little flattered (but just a little) at being accused of getting my way because of my looks.... haha

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