Monday, March 18, 2013

The Accidental 10K

I haven't mentioned it before now, mainly because there are some people out there who haven't been as supportive of my efforts as I would have liked -- or they try to compete with me instead of themselves (one of my biggest pet peeves), but I have upped my workout these last few weeks to train for some great summer runs!

This is my LAST summer in Utah.  That's right!  Ben is getting commissioned this summer (WOOT WOOT) and we will be off on our long awaited Army adventure!  Starting in Jan at Ft. Sill, OK. (5 months only -- we  don't know our permanent duty station yet).

Ben and me at my first 5K in 2010
And since this is my last summer here, I am taking advantage of several of the gorgeous runs going on.  So kicking my butt in gear is no longer an option unless I want to look like a total dork come race days.

So I devised this summer running training schedule.  I found a bunch on line, but they were either too short, too fast, too intense or just too crazy.  So I took all the things I LIKED about each of them and combined them into a 24 week training schedule. (If anyone wants a copy, email me!)

I have it posted on my wall and I have been keeping track of my times and crossing off the days as I complete them.  I just started week 3 this morning with a 3 mile run!  It wasn't my best time, but I was pushing a screaming baby in a stroller and it threw me off my runnin' groove.


Last week, I wasn't feeling to hot.  The weather was warming up (YAY!) but that also means allergy season starts coming too (BOO!) and my asthma was letting me know it!  Part of my running schedule is short runs during the week and then a long run on Saturday.  I had been dreading this 5 mile run I had on my schedule all week!  Runny nose, headaches, and watery eyes kind of put me off.... I mean I could run it on the treadmill, but then I might die of boredom!  Oh, my gosh, I can't be the only one that gets bored running long distances on the treadmill, right?

Ben was supposed to work on Saturday, which meant that I was doomed to do the long run on the treadmill that night (I can't run outside at night... too many hidden potholes, crazies on the road, and freaky weirdos about). Then that morning, he got a call from work and they said that they didn't need him that day and to take it off.  Happy for us and the run.  Not so much for our budget and a FRG thing I wanted to go to but then couldn't because of his work.  Now I could have gone, but it was too late.  Oh, well, I will take a day with the hubby and an afternoon run.

I got a new phone this week!!!  WOO HOO!  Okay, I know it seems totally off the subject, but it isn't.  Not really.  Ben spoiled me (and himself -- I don't get spoiled alone these days...) and I got my first smart phone!  Forever and day I have been sporting one of those cheap freebies.  But my touch screen went out and Ben wouldn't take no for an answer... I only put up a little resistance until I saw all the cool stuff it did!  I was sold.  Anyway, I got this super fun running app!  Oh yeah!  It tracks your distance, time, does the GPS thing, all the while playing my music.  It's pretty cool.  Here's the link, it's FREE!!  There are tons of running apps out there, but I just wanted something simple.  Not too techy for me thanks!

I was dying to try it out!  But not so excited about running 5 whole miles.  I know big baby.

I had my route all mapped out and printed from my favorite running map site, I had my phone all set up (and wrapped up in a ziplock to go in my pocket), and Ben made a cool necklace to hang my inhaler on and and then tuck it in my sports bra... just in case.  And off I went.

My first 10 K last summer.  I did horrible!
The first mile is always the hardest.  Not to mention that I had been working out on a treadmill all winter, that hitting the pavement seems to feel like you are working a few new muscles.  I don't know why, just does.  Anyway, I pushed through the first mile and started to head out of our neighborhood into a vast farming area.  Long roads, cows, funky smells, horses that run along side you, and little dirt roads that don't show up on maps... and when they do, you don't know they are dirt roads until you get there.  Yeah, I totally missed my turn off.  I was supposed to be at about 2 miles when I got to a turn off, but I missed it because I wasn't expecting a dirt road.  Then off in the distance I saw the road turn and I thought that was the turn off.

So I keep running.

I am thinking man, I am really tired, what's up with me!? I haven't even gone two miles yet!  I pulled my phone out of my pocket to check my mileage and I had accidentally set it to kilometers   Great.  I knew what 5K was and 10K in miles but not the random numbers in the middle! So I put it back in my pocket and plugged along.  I FINALLY got to the turn only to realize it quickly went north again, and looked NOTHING like my map I printed out.  But I decided to go a little farther.  I ran a bit more and then I found a mail box.  I had wanted to turn at 1400 s.... the mail box said 320 s.  Wow.  I REALLY missed my turn off.  So I turned around and headed back.  I figured I probably only went 1/2 a mile or so out of the way so I might as well finish my mapped out course.

I found the dirt road.  It was a beautiful view... smelled like cow poo, but it was really pretty.  It was on the dirt road that I had to take some walking breaks.  I made a game out of it:  Walk until the chorus of the song comes on then run super fast!  When the chorus ends, walk again.  I did this over and over again, and it was fun!  Great interval training!  And I think a great way for anyone who wants to start running.

After the dirty road loop, I was homeward bound.  I was tired, but I kept going!  And then the last leg home, (mainly because my pride wouldn't let me walk in our neighborhood) I ran the rest of the way.  I stopped my phone app and looked down.  There it flashed: Distance -- 10K.


Wounded Warrior 5 K last fall
And I even bet my 10 K time from last summer by, are you ready, 15 minutes!!!  And I even beat the 5 mile goal time by 4 minutes and that was with the extra millage!  Go me!

I did a little jig of joy in the driveway.  At least to me it was, to anyone watching or driving by it was more of an old lady-like shuffle.  I was tired.

Take that 5 mile goal!  I kicked your butt and raised you over a mile!

I even inspired my husband who was determined to have a lazy Saturday to get off his butt and go run it too. Of course he was like SUPER speedy.  But I don't and can't compare myself to GI Joe.  The only one I am racing against is me.  I can do this.

I started to get all choked up by what I had accomplished... bad idea.  Gave me an asthma attack. Stupid.  I can run and be okay, but add crying to that and SLAP! No breathing.  So don't run and cry.  They don't mix well.

Now, I could chalk up this accidental 10K as a major blond moment on my part for missing my turn.  But I would like to think that God knew I could do better than just the 5 miles.  That I was stressing over nothing, and he was going to prove to me that I had more in me than I thought.  And that, makes me smile.



armywife said...

Way to go Cat!!! You are so inspirational to me!

Kimberly Herrera said...

That is awesome!!! Not going to lie, you just inspired me.....

The Carpenters said...

Way to go Catherine! Totally knew you would rock it!

Janelle Vannice said...

Hi! I'm Janelle, and I found your blog while searching for military spouse blogs. I am marrying my Airman next year, and I'm really glad I found your blog! I can't wait to read more! Consider me your newest follower! :)

Also, congrats on the 10K! I like running, and it gets easier with time!

Janelle ( )

Ashli said...

Way to go! I'm an Army Wife who loves running too. There's a beautiful trail here at Ft Campbell that I run regularly. If you want to take your fitness to the next level, the Insanity program worked awesome for emailing with my running!

Ashli said...

Along with my running* haha!