Monday, March 25, 2013

Nephi's Tank

I know I have told you all before that Nephi is a pretty good little artist for being only 5.  His favorite stuff to draw is Army scenes and superheroes.

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to send in a piece of my kid's art to KidzCanDesign to review one of their necklaces.  As much as I love Sam's little family stick figures, I was all about doing this for Nephi.  I think being Mr. Middle kid and struggling with some issues he has, he doesn't always get the positive attention I think he deserves.  So I had him draw me a special tank:

I scanned it into the computer and sent it off.  He was even featured on their facebook page!

Here it is all done:
I thought it would be a great thing for Ben to have to remind him how much we all support him here at home.  But I can't seem to get Nephi to take it off.

A BIG thanks to KidzCanDesign for letting us do this review!!  We love our charm!!


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